Our Talented All-Rounder In Women’s Cricket Team: Sneh Rana

Sneh Rana is the name that has been in the headline recently because of the all-round skills she brings to the team. Rana is among a few players who have come from the part of Uttarakhand, India. Sneh Rana was born in 1994 on 18th February in Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand.

Rana is now 27 years old and is mainly a right-hand batter who can also bowl good right-arm of-break balls for the team when needed. Sneh made her ODI debut for team India on the 19th of January 2014 against the Sri Lankan women’s team. On the same year, on 26th January, she made her T20I debut against the same team in the same series. In 2021 on the 16th of January, she finally got the chance to play her first test match for the Indian women’s cricket team. Today match highlights can be easily accessed by people to get the glimpses of her career.

As a women’s cricketer, Sneh Rana is pretty tall, around 5 feet 5 inches and utilizes her height while bowling stiff bouncers to the opponent batters.

Early Life Of Sneh Rana

 As we discussed earlier, Sneh Rana is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and she was born in the year 1994. Her late father’s name was Shri Bhagwan Singh. Rana completed her schooling career at the Doon Valley Public school and college in her hometown. From her early life, Sneh was passionate about cricket and used to play the game quite seriously.

Sneh Rana’s Family

Sneh Rana and her family were not financially well as her late father, Shri Bhagwan Singh, was just a farmer and his monthly income was not that well. Sneh was the bigger sister, as she had another younger sister, Ruchi Rana. Ruchi once stated in her interview that from a very young age, her big sister Sneh was a genuine all-rounder as she was pretty good at studies and played cricket very seriously. Elder Rana was good both in her studies and sports as apart from cricket, she also used to play tennis, badminton and football at a younger age.

Sneh Rana’s Domestic Cricket Career

Sneh Rana started playing cricket at the age of just nine. She also joined the junior-level cricket club in Dehradun, Little Mater Cricket Club. Her young-age coaches who helped her to play cricket from basics were Kiran Shah and Narender Shah.

At her time, the Uttrakhand cricket board was not registered board under the BCCI. That is why she had to move to Punjab to join the Punjab cricket association so that she could play under a registered cricket board.

Under the guidance and coaching of Narender Shah, Sneh Rana was selected for the U19 Haryana team, but due to her higher studies, she could play that series, and Rana had to move to Amritsar. But there also, Rana continued playing cricket along with her studies. While in Amritsar, Rana met with two new coaches, Prakash Chand and Madhu Arora, who later helped her.

Rana’s International Cricket Career

Rana debuted in her ODI and T20I career against the same team Sri Lanka in the same series, which took place in 2014.

In 2021, she got her first chance to play Test cricket for India against the England team on the 16th of June. In her debut test series, she played in one test match where Rana scored 82 runs combining two innings and taking four wickets, proving that she could be a good team player. In her first test match, Rana scored fifty-plus and took four wickets, a record by any player, both men and women, on their debut test match.

In 2022, Sneh got selected for the Indian women’s squad for the cricket World Cup tournament for her performance towards her team for years.

Till the year 2021, Sneh played 16 ODI, 9 T20Is and 1 Test match for team India. However, more than her record in T20Is is needed to be discussed. Rana scored 173 runs along with four wickets from 16 ODIs and scored 82 runs also with four wickets from a single test that she played so far.

Horrific Injury Of Sneh Rana

During the year 2014, the name Sneh Rana became pretty famous among all. She was considered the most promising aspect of Indian women’s cricket then. Though she was pretty young at the time, she was still handed over both ODI and T20 international caps in the same year because of her brilliant all-round ability, which was rare in India’s women’s cricket team.

But after the dream debut, everything got unsettled for Sneh Rana. During her training session, she got a horrific injury in her knees. This injury became so severe later that she had to sit back at home, away from cricket, for five long years. This is a big time gap for any professional cricketer.

Rana’s Personal Life Tragedy

The one incident she regrets the most was her most vital moral support from childhood. Her father’s demise was two months before her return to international cricket after her long injury gap. Her late father was the one who always stayed beside her in every challenging situation that she had to face in her life. Rana’s father was the person who understood her passion and encouraged her by admitting her to a cricket club at a very early age so that she could achieve her dream in future though his financial status was not that well.

Return Of Her In World Cup Squad Of 2022

Sneh Rana is a talented all-rounder in the Indian women’s cricket circuit. Keeping this fact in mind, BCCI decided to include her in the 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup squad, which was held in New Zealand as she recovered from her injury.

In the 2022 World Cup, Rana lived up to expectations, scored 101 runs along with ten wickets, and helped the team perform decently in the tournament. She played some crucial knocks with bat and ball in hand against big teams like Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh women’s teams.

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