Top 10 Test Matches In The History Of Indian Cricket


The oldest type of cricket practiced on a global scale is test cricket. A test game is played between teams comprising full members of the ICC or the International Cricket Council well over a span of five days. The test cricket accomplishments of the Indian cricket team are listed here. India became the sixth country to participate in test match cricket in 1932 after being given Validation techniques. India had played 563 Cricket test matches as of 2022, with 168 wins, 220 draws, 174 losses, 1 tie, and just a career record of 29.89 as per insights from cricket news.

10 of the best test matches in history the Indian cricket team has played.

  • India vs. Australia (Sydney, 2008) – India and Australia played out a thrilling match in Sydney for the second Innings of the 2007–2008 Border–Gavaskar Tournament, which was eventually won by such a part-time spinner. Until Michael Clarke entered the game to bowl his sporadic left-arm spinners, India, who needed 333 to triumph, appeared to have survived the stalemate on a shifting surface. Contrary to expectations, Clarke got 3-5 within 1.5 overs, all 3 stumps falling in a frenzied over. He dismissed Ishant Sharma, the final man, with fewer than ten minutes on the clock, causing the crowd to erupt in cheers and enabling the host to prevail by 122 points.
  • Pakistan vs. India (Bangalore, 1987) – In their 1987 campaign, India and Pakistan’s 5th Game in Bangalore was indeed a memorable match between two fierce rivals. Some other low-scoring game was played, with Pakistan getting 116 all out during the initial innings while holding India to 145 points. Sunil Gavaskar appeared to be leading India to victory almost entirely on his own after Pakistan’s 249 runs in the second test innings set the match score at 221 for India. Also, with a count at 180, he was ultimately bowled for 96, and although the tail performed well to inch closer to their goal, India was subsequently bowled out for 204, falling just 17 points ahead of a storied victory.
  • 2003–2004 Adelaide Test vs. Australia – In the past, India had a reputation for having a poor tour debut. Although Ganguly’s miracles just at Gabba may have prevented a tie, it appeared that history might replicate itself after Ponting and company scored 556 during the initial session at Adelaide. And to make matters worse, neither did India’s begin.
  • Australia versus India (Mumbai, 2004) – In Bombay, Australia and India played in a relatively low-scoring match that had a very tense conclusion during the 2004–2005 Border–Gavaskar Tournament. India scored 104 runs when batting initially, but Australia was held to 203 runs, giving India a 99-run first-inning advantage. Then, the home team made 205 with the help of half-centuries through VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar, leaving the visiting team needing just 107 runs to prevail. But the Australians lost for 93 on a shifting surface, with just three teams scoring in double digits.
  • Pakistan vs. India (Chennai, 1999) – The 1999 match between India and Pakistan in Chennai was a classic, and also the local crowd was on its feet cheering the Pakistani team to victory. Tendulkar was taken off Saqlain Mushtaq also with the total at 254-7, but they were both out after about five overs of one another. When India’s remaining players were eliminated, Pakistan was able to win the match by 12 points and left their opponents 258 out already.
  • 2009 Napier Test against. New Zealand – Gautam Gambhir played for nearly 11 hours but instead ended up winning the Test Match with a total of 137 from 436 balls. India prevailed in this highly contested sequence, which they took by a score of 1-0 after the third Test ended in a tie. However, Gambhir’s methodical performance was crucial in helping India secure an unexpected draw when they were compelled to abide because of a significant first innings disadvantage.
  • South Africa vs. Johannesburg Test in 2006 – This one was India’s first Test victory in South Africa, led by Rahul Dravid. Irfan Pathan was invited back from the match since India had performed so horribly mostly in Tour matches before this. Sourav Ganguly, a veteran captain who returned to the game, took his place in the Test squad. In addition to Sreesanth’s 8 strikeouts on a fast green pitch, Ganguly’s performance helped India achieve a historic victory.
  • Pakistan vs. Multan Test, 2003–2004 – Who really can neglect Sehwag’s historic 300-run innings, the first ever by an Indian batter at the moment, in which he launched Mushtaq past long-on to reach his total? India easily defeated the opposition by such an innings plus 52 points. In retrospect, the match was not particularly exciting, but at the time, an Indian team on tour had never defeated Pakistan. India needed 50 years to accomplish this achievement.
  • Australia vs. Kolkata Test, 2000–01 – That Test would’ve been considerably higher up the rankings if such an article were ranked according to popularity. There had only happened three times in Test cricket existence that a unit had returned after already being requested to pursue and prevailed in a match.  and Laxman’s 281 and Dravid’s 180 took up the whole fourth day. At this juncture, most people anticipated that India would fight for the tie, however, Ganguly had some other plans. Indian spinners defeated Australia for 212 on such a shifting fifth-day pitch to clinch the Match.
  • West Indies vs. Port of Spain Test, 1976 – Only one other side has ever won a Test match by chasing down a total of 400 or more at this moment in time. Therefore, it appeared that there could only be two outcomes when West Indies gave India a goal of 403. India has to complete the remaining overs successfully or risk losing. That wasn’t the case, though. On a pitch that appeared to be dry and suitable to spinners, West Indies had used three spinners. If WI had already been facing any other country, it might have succeeded. However, they were pitted against a number of the best spin-bowling opponents.


There have been plenty of nail-biting and tight endings in test match cricket, the type of matches where opponents are so closely balanced, as well as the outcome, is so narrowly decided. These are games that stick in people’s minds for a very long time because of their heroic efforts.

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