All You Need To Know About Meghna Singh’s Life History

Meghna Singh is a professional cricket player from India who often serves the women’s cricket team of Indian Railways. Her right arm is notable for spinning at a medium rate. Meghna Singh was born on June 18, 1994, in the Uttar Pradesh city of Bijnor. She sometimes used to play cricket with her neighborhood pals when she was little merely for fun. Gradually, her interest in it started to flourish, and in 2007, she began receiving professional instruction from Lakshyaraj Tyagi, who is widely recognized for recruiting different Ranji Trophy players for domestic teams in Uttar Pradesh. She grabbed Lakshyaraj’s attention right away, and he immediately recognized her brilliance.

She also had the opportunity since her father contributed everything he had to ensure that her daughter fulfilled her dreams, supporting her through every high and low of life. He never made a distinction between boys and girls and only considered a young child’s unachievable ambition. Meghna, the passionate tea critic, was also an exercise maniac.

She used to regularly monitor her fitness and was frequently seen working out in her gym.

Meghna was undoubtedly highly committed to her training because she showed up every day for both sessions without requesting a break. Meghna reportedly adhered to a demanding schedule. Every day at four in the morning, she and her father would travel the roughly 24 kilometers from Kasba Kotwali to the famous Stadium in Bijnor to practice cricket.

Since players typically become somewhat apprehensive when instructed to display their first throw, the instructor was really quite taken aback by Meghna’s manner of clutching the red cherry for the first time. Although she had a tremendous swing in her early deliveries on the crease, she eventually grasped the technique and was on target. Her delivery rate was average but yet harsh enough to cause difficulties for the batters and live match video is a proof of this.

She was given the chance to work as a booking clerk for Moradabad Railways throughout her difficult years. She spent time honing her abilities when she was a guest at the stadiums of the Railway. She attracted the attention of the selectors in the Women’s Senior T20 Trophy 2019–20 because of her outstanding outswing bowling, as she took four wickets and enabled the UP team to advance to the tournament series quarterfinals. She had claimed a total of 10 doors at the end of the competition.

Meghna is a great batter, and since joining the squad, she has shown to be a significant addition, according to her coach. Her accurate bowling entices batters to attempt blows they otherwise wouldn’t. She utilizes that to deceive her adversaries right away. In addition to this, she is a solid batter who can sustain an innings’ momentum in the bottom order and even quicken the pace. Her remarkable performance in the Senior Women’s One Day Challenger Trophy made her a cricket news highlight. She was selected to play represent India in the cricket competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, in July 2022. On July 29, 2022, against Australia in the opening game of the Commonwealth Games cricket competition, she gained her World Twenty20 International debut for India.

She received her first call-up to the India women’s cricket squad in August 2021, facing Australia. The Indian women’s Test team for the one-on-one encounter included Meghna as well. In a 2021 ODI match against Australia, she made her debut for her country. She took down her maiden international wicket after eliminating Australian skipper Meg Lanning from the game in just the second ODI. Later, she participated in the Women’s Senior One Day match for the Railways squad.

On September 21, 2021, she won her Women’s One Day International (WODI) debut for India against Australia. She contributed two critical wickets in the decisive match that helped her side win. It was her finest chance to establish herself and stake a bid for a spot on the Indian squad. She has the capability to work hard without being worn out while also learning new techniques.

She was selected for both India’s Women’s Twenty20 International (WT20I) squad for their one-off match against New Zealand in January 2022 and the team for the 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup in New Zealand. Even in her fantasies, Meghna’s mother never thought that Meghna’s love of cricket would propel them to certain heights of fame and result in a turning point in their lives, but Meghna’s daughter turned everything on their head for her. After Indian spinner Poonam Yadav, she became the second female cricketer from Uttar Pradesh to be chosen to play for the national side. Mithali Raj, the leader of the national cricket team, gave her her first cap.

The young girl never once stopped to watch a game of cricket. No matter what, she continued to train. She continued honing her talents despite pursuing a career with the railroad because she couldn’t stop thinking about cricket.

She quickly rose to the top of the female cricket leaders. She performed wonderfully in domestic cricket, hitting a World Cup century and a double ton in one-day matches. She never gave up and never got tired of pacing, and she just maintained pacing. She indeed raised the profile of Indian women’s cricket and encouraged professionalism among her teammates.

There are many girls out there who were inspired and began dreaming of their careers in cricket as a result of her career story, which wasn’t always easy. He was the real inspiration for the Indian women’s cricket team when they were struggling and losing. She was always willing to pick up new information from her professors, was receptive to learning the fundamentals, and was driven to succeed. Even now, playing cricket for women is frowned upon in some communities. It is challenging to overcome all of these preconceptions and become like Meghna. She became what she is now as a result of these small acts of dedication. Overall, she had no prior experience and established her career on her own passion for cricket and hard work. We must all show admiration for such a spirit!

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