Why Visit Dubai Desert Sand Dunes?

Visit Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes is a location that offers exciting outdoor activities. Located in the United Arab Emirates, this tourism attraction presents an environment of unrivaled beauty and serenity. Here one finds themselves amidst desert dunes on one side and the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf on the other. The area is a great destination for adventure seekers and tourists visiting Dubai for Dubai desert safari to enjoy exciting activities like sandboarding, 4×4 safari drives, Camel Safari rides, etc.

For people interested in camping out under the stars with an occasional campfire, there are several campsites available in the area where they can pitch their tents during their relaxing holiday break. A night spent amidst the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf and under a blanket of stars is sure to be an enchanting experience for visitors. Dubai Desert Sand Dunes has been accorded as one of the Seven Wonders of UAE. The spectacular view presented by this location is inspiring and mesmerizing at the same time.

Best time to visit Dubai Desert Sand Dunes

Dubai weather can be pretty hot during the summer months, with temperatures reaching up to 50°C. The best time for the Dubai desert safari is after the monsoon season. The winter months from November to February are pleasant, with temperatures dropping to 18°C.

The area experiences moderate climatic conditions, and one can comfortably enjoy their activities without the fear of getting drenched in sweat or disappointed due to too much sun.

Reasons to visit Dubai Desert

  • The area is ideal for those who are looking forward to indulging in an exciting outdoor activity.
  • Dubai Desert Sand Dunes provides an excellent view with huge dunes.
  • The location is ideal for camping out in the wilderness under the stars in serene surroundings.
  • People can enjoy numerous activities in the Desert, from dunes bashing to camel riding.
  • The area experiences moderate climatic conditions.

Safety Tips while traveling in Dubai

  • Avoid carrying your valuables in the open while traveling in the metro.
  • Avoid using expensive jewelry or equipment that can easily catch the attention of robbers.
  • Carry your essential belongings in your front pockets.
  • Cover your head with a scarf while traveling to avoid being targeted by beggars and drug addicts.
  • If you get lost, always have your emergency contacts on hand.
  • Do not take undue risks while traveling.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings when walking, and watch out for people coming up behind you.
  • Avoid crossing roads in red light areas.
  • Do not stop when a car is following you without any proper reason.
  • After using public toilets, check the seat carefully to ensure that it has been changed.
  • While driving, do not stop at isolated places, even if it’s very late in the night.
  • Do not leave your valuables like jewelry and cash unattended in hotel rooms.
  • Always carry your original and valid documents with you, like travel and identity cards.

Things to do in Desert Safari

  • Those who enjoy adventure sports will find this location is ideal for you. It has a variety of exciting activities that you can try out, such as sandboarding, 4×4 safari drives, and camel safari rides.
  • Dubai Desert Safari serves as a perfect setting for taking beautiful shots that can be cherished for years to come.
  • Another activity that one can indulge in is the evening desert safari, where visitors are taken around on camels in order to explore the magnificence of the Dubai night sky.

How to reach Dubai Desert Span Sand Dunes

By Air

The nearest international airport to visit this area is located in Dubai itself. It takes around an hour and a half by car to reach the location from this connecting point.

By Train

There are no railway tracks in Dubai, and the nearest railway station is situated in Abu Dhabi, which is around 99km away from the area.

By Road

Visitors can opt for their own mode of transport or can hire Dubai taxis to reach the location comfortably. If visitors hire the travel companies, they provide safe accommodation to them.

Final Words

Dubai Desert Sand Dunes is a must-visit for those who are looking forward to indulging in an exciting outdoor activity. Whether you visit in summers or winters, you can see exciting places in Dubai, including the Desert. Here you can witness splendid views, sunset, and sunrise and can enjoy many activities to make your visit-worthy. Get ready and book your tickets for your upcoming holidays.

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