What are the Damages from Truck Accidents, and how to Claim them?

Whether you get involved in a truck or semi-truck accident, the losses and damages will be huge. A massive accident such as a semi-truck accident or truck accident leaves you with injuries, asset losses, monetary losses, and even emotional trauma. The compensation needed after a truck accident is gigantic in scale. Without compensation for these losses from the driver or any other party responsible for the accident, you struggle to recover fully from the setback of the accident.

The tendency for a general person will be to shake off any responsibility linked with the accident because of the sheer volume of moral, financial, and legal responsibility it creates for the person. Therefore, the filing of a lawsuit is extremely necessary after a semi-truck or truck accident. As a victim, filing a lawsuit without the support of a good lawyer incurs more loss than gains. Whether it’s about justice or compensation, you need the best Texas truck accident lawyer for the process.

Filing a lawsuit is a lengthy and complex process where legal counsel is a must. Without the best Texas truck accident lawyer, you cannot secure maximum compensation from the other party.

While filing a lawsuit for a truck or semi-truck accident, there are many damages that you can claim compensation for. The damages are the losses that you suffer from which you suffer financial setbacks. Damages can range from very few to extensive, depending on the scale of the accident. An experienced lawyer knows the different damages you can claim when you are the victim of a semi-truck accident.

The damages are as follows-

  • Medical expenses- Medical expenses cover the many medical bills the victim will get after the accident. The biggest damages incurred on a person is that of the body. The injuries incurred may range from severe to non-serious injuries. Even then, the medical bills around doctor appointments, ambulance fees will mount up. On the other hand, for severe injuries, hospital charges and in-home care charges also go up. This happens for a prolonged period for someone gravely injured. Sometimes, the person does not completely recover and needs medical care for a lifetime. In such cases, medical expenses form a large chunk of the damage to be claimed. However, the involved party may shirk off responsibility and accountability towards these expenses. Here is where you need the best Texas truck accident lawyer to step in.
  • Lost wages- Serious injuries and hospitalization leads to loss of pay for workers. The more they stay under medical care, the more wages they lose, which brings about a financial crisis for the person. In such cases, the accountable party needs to compensate the victim financially so that he can lead his life properly after the accident. This also happens for truck drivers who work under trucking companies. It is not always that the driver is at fault for the accident. However, the driver does suffer from the most losses. This takes the driver out of his livelihood for quite some time. During this time, they need financial support in place of lost wages.
  • Lost earning capacity- Lost earning capacity is similar to lost wages, just on a permanent basis. A grave semi-truck or truck accident leaves the victim with many permanent injuries. These permanent injuries leave the victim permanently impaired and often lead to lost livelihood for life. Even if the person recovers, he does not fully regain his earning capacity, and his livelihood gets severely impacted. The compensation for lost earning capacity has to be financial compensation for his lifetime. On the other hand, sometimes, a truck driver may also lose his earning capacity when his truck is completely destroyed. In such cases, too, damages under lost earning capacity come up. Compensation for the damage can be used to create alternative earning sources or for recovering the earlier earning source.
  • Loss of companionship- There have been innumerable instances where people lose their loved ones to an accident. A severe semi-truck accident often leads to the loss of life and causes such damages to people. When a person passes away as an accident victim, his next of kin can sue the other party for wrongful death and loss of companionship. Even a third party can file a lawsuit against the accountable party for loss of affection or relations in marriage. This is a classic example of a truck accident affecting an entire family and relatives of the victim and not just him.
  • Pain and suffering- The pain and suffering a person suffers due to a truck accident are also circumstances to file a lawsuit. Apart from physical pain, the emotional distress and mental trauma arising from an accident leave a strong impression on a person. The victim can therefore claim compensations for both emotional distress and mental trauma caused by the driver or other party.

In case of a semi-truck accident or a truck mishap, it is always advised to hire the best Texas truck accident lawyer for favorable outcomes in the case. The responsibility of the victim does not just end with filing a lawsuit against the accident.

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