These Are the Most Affordable Cities in Ohio

Ohio is a massively underrated state that offers the chance to start fresh while still getting affordable living: but where is the most affordable living? In this beautiful state full of countless tiny towns and small cities, it’s amazing how much is reasonable.  


These are the most affordable cities in Ohio, and why they’re worth considering moving for! 

Is it Worth Moving to Ohio for Housing?

One of the top questions people ask when they hear that Ohio is affordable is whether or not it’s worth it, regardless of cost. Ohio is absolutely worth it! There’s eternal nature and natural beauty here that surrounds and fills every city and town.

Ohio also has a great job market with countless employment options and multiple schools that give you the opportunity to start a career that speaks to you. Although this could feel overwhelming to some, the laidback lifestyle of Ohio makes it a lot easier to get used to!

1. Ashtabula

If you’re ready to save as much money as possible and are coming into the state with an online job that pays extremely well, it’s a good idea to consider Ashtabula! This affordable town was built along Lake Erie, which gives you beautiful views year-round. Ashtabula also offers a deep dive into history since it’s home to the Hubbard house Underground Railroad Museum!

2. Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a beautiful and diverse city with countless jobs, affordable living, and tons of entertainment, and it is clearly the top contender for Ohio. Although Cincinnati houses for sale are more expensive when compared to others within the state, they’re extremely affordable when compared to national prices. There’s nothing quite like this beautiful piece of paradise that might be America’s best-kept secret.

3. Niles

Just an hour outside of Cleveland, Niles is an awesome place to live and work if you want to live in a laid-back and beautiful area. Here you can find beautiful aquariums, a fantastic historical society, endless museums, and awesome adventure stops. This is an amazing place to live for anyone ready for change.

How to Prep for a Move Here

When you’re getting ready to move here, there are a few things you should do to get prepared, so the move is as easy as possible. Not only should you stop and save up as much money as possible, but you should also consider how much space you need, what career path speaks to you, and when you want to move.


Moving in the winter months is always more affordable, although the stress of snow and weather can be a lot for some. It’s important to save a handful of months of expenses before your move and try to set up a job ahead of time, so you have something solid that you’re moving towards.

Ohio is Incredible!


Whether you’re from Ohio or you’re considering moving here from out of state, it’s a great state to move in. Not only is this an affordable area, but you’ll also love the people, nature, and culture here!


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