What is Better Between MBA and PGDM?

Things fade over time, and the MBA may be no exception until new life is breathed into it.

Things fade over time, and the MBA may be no exception until new life is breathed into it. MBA is an outdated designation for students interested in management studies; a two-year diploma program called PGDM, or Post Graduate Diploma in Management, sounds more appropriate. In general, the PGDM program is significantly more industry-relevant and practical in terms of job placement.

What is PGDM?

AICTE (All India Council of Technical Studies) has authorized a two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management program. The AICTE has approved around 500 universities to offer PGDM in India. These accredited institutions create their own curriculum, update it as needed, administer their own exams, and assess their own students. In general, curricula in A++ PGDM colleges in Delhi are created with industry demand in mind so that students can be placed appropriately.

What is MBA?

MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a post-graduate degree program approved by the University Grants Commission that can be provided by universities. The program is two years long. The majority of universities have affiliate colleges that teach the MBA program. This program is offered by roughly 5500 universities and colleges across India. Most institutions, on average, update their curriculum every 5 to 10 years. However, only the A++ MBA Colleges in Delhi can impart quality education to the students. 

The Legal Difference Between an MBA and a PGDM:

Both organizations (AICTE and UGC) were established by an Act of Parliament to promote higher education. As a result, the courses approved by these authorities have the same legal standing. That is to say, both the PGDM and MBA are postgraduate programs with the same legal equivalence when it comes to government jobs or enrolling in a PhD program. Some universities may require an equivalence certificate from AIU (Association of Indian Institutions) when enrolling PGDM students for a PhD. Some universities may require an equivalence certificate when enrolling PGDM students for a PhD.

What are the Key Differences between MBA and PGDM Programs?

Institutions are in charge of selecting students, devising course content, teaching them, evaluating them, and finally placing them in PGDM programs. The course is established by universities and taught by their affiliated colleges, whereas an MBA may offer too many opportunities, making it difficult to streamline your choices. Here’s where the gap is! 

Furthermore, universities do not update their curricula for decades. MBA students find it challenging to respond to queries during job interviews since interviewers frequently ask about current events. The PGDM, as a single-window curriculum, improves the student’s skills and keeps them up to date on market trends, especially if offered by one of the A++ PGDM Colleges in Delhi.

Additionally, MBA is more theoretically oriented, whereas PGDM is more practically inclined. However, PGDM is typically offered by stand-alone institutions, which means they only offer one program, so they are focused, whereas MBA is mostly offered by universities and colleges that offer dozens of other courses, so the variety is spread out over a large number of them.

Instead of a Post Graduate Diploma, students are awarded an MBA degree after an MBA program. You do not need an AIU equivalence certificate to accompany your MBA degree, but you will need one to indicate that you have completed a PGDM.

Universities are the institutions that award MBA degrees. All the University linked colleges follow the same educational and learning standards. Furthermore, students do not need to be as cautious when enrolling in an MBA program given by a university or university college because they come with all of the university’s qualifications.

If you want to take a management degree, you must first determine your needs. While a lower-tier MBA from a Government University may provide you with a degree, it may not provide you with the same level of abilities as a highly ranked PGDM program. In contrast to a PGDM from a very low-ranked PGDM college, an MBA from an A++ MBA College in Delhi could propel you to new career heights.

When picking between an MBA and a PGDM, the most crucial thing for you to consider as a student is your objectives. If you want to work in the corporate world, you should choose a business school or college based on their rankings, curriculum, and placements, not on the degree or diploma they give. MBAs and PGDMs are not treated differently in the workplace. They are only interested in people who are capable of performing effectively on the job. As a result, the curriculum and faculty are the most significant factors.


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