How Much Does SAFe Scrum Masters Get Paid?

It is well known that IT sector industries are the prime users of scrum professionals. The high demand of scrum masters no doubts influences their salaries. The safe scrum master pay scale may be different as per the designation or post of the professional. While Some industries are quick to hire professionals, others continue on the suitability of methodology of good yield and results to the business.

Though the finance sector dominates the field of product owners still the experts may earn a handsome amount every year. Also, the pay scale varies from country to country due to the variable as well as visible factors of any economy and the extended demand for the respective professionals. 

Just like the roles of professionals may be different the safe scrum master can become an associate engineer or a SAFe consultant, SAFe scrum associate consultant, senior scrum master, etc. The designation and requirement of the candidate to the business sides the respective pay scale.

The average annual salary of the professional arranges from nearly 82,000 dollars to 104950 dollars yearly approximately. Focusing according to the renowned markets it can go up as well as down. 

  • The unmatched acceptance of SAFe scrum masters makes them stand out from the crowd. As per the Indian context, the salary lies between 9.4 to 26.3 lakhs on the yearly basis. This leads to an average salary of ₹ 17.1 lakhs per year. 
  • Moreover, the pay scale and respect to these professionals vary as per the term of experience, for example, the professionals who have experience ranging from 8 to 15 years can easily earn INR 9.4 to 26.3 lakhs as per a survey on respective scrum professionals 58-salaries in the field. For example, a candidate with 4 to 9 years of term experience in the field is subject to a pay scale of nearly 13.2 lakhs annually while with 10 to 20 years the same is increased up to 19 lakhs per annum.
  • Then the pay scale of the professionals varies based on skills and business methodology adopted for business solutions. Just like based on agility or agile methodology, business solutions, infrastructures, DevOps, etc. Just kills may even include project planning and project quality, scrum and software product development, and many more.
  • Moreover, different types of companies set their salary ratios in context to the ability of the professional as well as the economic work of the business enterprise. This includes the goodwill and name of the corporation in the market. 
  • Moreover, the exciting loyalty rewards and other sources of contributions affect the pay scale level of any organization. The professionals certified with SAFe Inc are much more valued and privileged in all terms.

Consolidating the topic based on estimated 58 salary estimates secured from different industries in context safe scrum master salaries come out to be an average of 17.1 lakh per annum or 1.4 lakh p.m.

Till now the maximum pay scale in the field has been estimated to be rupees 26.3 lakhs per annum. 

You can by today if you are also looking to start your career in this field. However, if you can’t attend physically, you can leverage cloud computing for education, which helps you in several ways.

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