What can you do with a master’s degree in fashion design?

A master’s degree in fashion design prepares creative designers to become future fashion leaders, thinkers, and versatile professionals. The post-graduate degree programme in fashion design covers all aspects of the design process, ranging from research and design development, trend analysis, color and fabric development, drawing and illustration, translating an idea from 2D to 3D presentation, marketing, and business development. The master’s in fashion designing course buildsthe skills needed to launch a career in the fashion industry.

The scope of doing a master’s degree in fashion design is vast, which makes an individual proficient in all aspects of fashion design. Moreover, there is a significant demand for highly qualified professionals within the fashion industry. To put that in perspective, the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) data reports that the top 10% of fashion designer employees earn an average of $155,470. Earning a master’s degree in fashion design can help you develop industry-specific knowledge and skills, allowing a professional to move into a top position.

Pursuing a master’s degree in fashion design can allow you to take on job roles at top levels of the organisation or help you launch your clothing line. Here are the most common job roles pursued by an individual after earning a post-graduate degree in fashion design:

  • Fabric Designer
  • Retail Buyer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Footwear Designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Personal Designer
  • Journalist/Fashion Blogger
  • Visual Merchandiser

The vast and diverse fashion industry allows highly qualified fashion designers to work in different environments. Examples of work environments for fashion designers are movies and television production, wholesalers or manufacturers, and high-end fashion houses.

A master’s in fashion design allows students to build specialised and expert knowledge of the domain while also gaining adequate industry exposure. Most graduates, after completing a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, continue their education with a post-graduation degree. There are different types of fashion programmes, such as Master of Design(M.Des.), Master of Fashion Management (MFM), and Master of Fashion Technology (MFTech).

The most popular master’s degree in fashion design in India is an M.Des. (Fashion Design). It is a two-year post-graduate degree that offers defined coursework structured in four semesters. This programme undertakes the study of all aspects of fashion design through carefully designed modules. Building a specialised knowledge of fashion design by progressively building knowledge allows students to become industry experts and future leaders of the fast-growing and dynamic fashion industry.

Here are some of the many modules covered under an M.Des programme:

  • Basics of Design
  • Understanding design and Design Process
  • Pattern Making and Draping
  • Evolution of Fashion
  • Design Research Methodology
  • Visual Culture
  • CAD Design – Fashion Graphics
  • Design Management
  • Professional Practice
  • Sustainable Design
  • Global Fashion Industry, Process, and Market
  • Smart Textile

Fashion design represents a creative profession that is fiercely competitive, and professionals must build the required skills along with creativity to set themselves apart. If you have a creative bent of mind, pursuing higher education in fashion design can help you gain the required skills while allowing you to identify fashion design specialisations that interest you.Earning a master’s degree in fashion design can nurture and train the learner to become a skilled, highly creative, and qualified professional. If you are looking for the best M.Design degree, log on to our website now!

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