All you need to know about Grahan Trek

Location: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Trek trail: 18 kilometres

Trek duration: 2 days, 1 night

Trek trail time: 3 to 5 hours

Altitude: 7,700 ft (maximum)

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Major attraction of the trek

  •  Witness the panoramic view of alluring Parvati Valley from 7700ft .
  • The eagle eyed view of vibrant green meadows and splendid valleys
  • Stay in an exotic, warm cottages or guest rooms in the village.
  • Extremely welcoming and kind people.
  • Feel yourself in the lap of nature during the trek

How to reach?

The trek to Grahan trek, a village 8 kilometres away from Kasol, starts from a bridge near to the Kasol bus stand where one can reach either by public transport or personal means. The route from the very beginning is well marked with arrows directing to the top.

About the trek 

In the Province of laden mountains, Himachal Pradesh, the Grahan trek near Kasol is a hidden gem. At an elevation of 7,700ft above the sea level, the trek route is marked throughout by the villagers to make it easy for backpackers to reach the top without being lost. 

The Grahan nallah flowing along the left and the sparkling water springs makes the route a mesmerising path and trek a remarkable journey. The tempting bridges and the appealing view during the trek is something giving a continuous urge to reach the top.

There are a bare number of shops in the beginning of the trek route but no internet or network services. As it is said, one can be close to nature being away from the technologies. So in the absence of a network, one is surrounded by the chirping of birds, gushing sound of glittering water which accompanies you throughout taking away all your stress and exertions, if any. 

Soon you will find yourself away from the plains intaking a nip in the mountain breeze. 

One can enjoy spending a warm night in an exotic cottage of the village which is a home to some 250-300 natives. The village being less populated, is least hampered by the humans and extends the true beauty of nature.

One of the must remark points of this trek is the natives. The trek is very less taken and considering its topology also the population of the village is very less. The village is home to not more than 80- 90 wood capped houses and 250-300 welcoming people. They happily guide you to the hidden gems, excitingly tell you about their culture and customs and walk you through the village. Most of them are farmers working in fields, reaping crops like potatoes, apples etc which you will come across throughout the path. These people take immense pleasure sharing with you their experiences and stories and extend the homely feeling and warmth you will long for during the trek. They serve you with their exquisite local delicacies and make you feel home.

The experience all together is solely different and one of its kind of experiences. There are numerous treks but connecting with someone and talking to such welcoming locals is something one won’t ever forget.


  • There are penalties for alcohol consumption during the trek or in the village.
  • Some quickies and light snacks to munch on the way
  • Water bottle ( maximum possible capacity)
  • Some basic medicine and a compact first aid kit
  • Umbrella or raincoat
  • Torch 
  • Your best sport shoes to make your trek enjoyable and comfortable.

Every trek is special and delightful but, trekking to some least visited places is definitely a huge elation and an unmatched experience. It is like icing on the cake which you’re going to enjoy all alone. The all new experience and exposing yourself to something absolutely new with lesser perceptions and acclaims.

If you’ve been to Kasol and found what you were looking for then this Grahan trek has much more to offer. This hidden gem of Himachal is a must do trek for an adventure enthusiast and nature lover.

So don’t forget to carry your camera and be ready to fill your heart and soul with such a tranquil experience like no other. The serenity of nature and soberty of villagers, the beauty of the path and the breathtaking view from top will surely leave an intense print of allure on your heart and mind.

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