Top 7 places to visit in Sri Lanka

Top 7 places to visit in Sri Lanka

From lush greenery landscapes, magnificent mountains to aesthetic monasteries, temples, and captivating beaches, the

island is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is the most sought-after tourist location.

Positioned in the southwest region of the Bay of Bengal, and southeast of the Arabian sea, the island of Sri Lanka is full of numerous wonders that are a must-visit for vacationists.

Providing a glimpse of how to spend an aesthetic vacation in this land of magic, here are the top 7 places to visit in Sri Lanka.

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Top 7 places:

1.   Colombo

2.   Jaffna

3.   Tissamaharama

4.   Bentota Beach

5.   Old Dutch fort at Galle

6.   Nine Arch Bridge

7.   Bambarakanda Falls, Ohiya 

Explore the vibrance of Colombo

Serving as one of the top spots for tourists to pay a visit to is the all-in-one city of Colombo.

From Galle face green, Independence memorial park to Gangaramaya temple, ride around the busy city in a taxi or their most famous vehicle, a tuk-tuk.

Being the capital of the country, this setting is a must explore in your Sri Lanka honeymoon tour.

Dive in the past in the city of Jaffna

If you seek serenity, spirituality complemented with amazing architecture, then the city of temples is the place.

Encompassing numerous holy temples of which Nallur Kovil and Nagadeepa Viharaya Purana temple are the most renowned, Fort Jaffna and the Jaffna heritage hotel, the city of Jaffna is where the soul rejuvenates.

Apart from the attractions, you can also indulge in meditation and yoga as this city defines peace. With so many spots to explore, the city of Jaffna is a must-visit.

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Witness the capturing beauty of Tissamaharama

Positioned in the Hambantota district, this aesthetic location is not only a haven for photographers but also for people seeking tranquillity.

From the man-made lake of Tissa Wewa to gorgeous stupas like Yatala Wehera, the setting of Tissamaharama serves as a spectacular experience for vacationists. You can either simply relax your worries away or indulge in capturing the perfect shot, but paying a visit here is a must.

Get lost in the magnificence of the Bentota Beach

With cool breeze grazing your hair, hands full of golden sand and a view that soothes the eyes, the Bentota beach is one such location that must be on your to-visit list.

Located in Bentota with scenic views, this beach also surrounds the Turtle hatching centre and a game park where you can say bye-bye to worries.

From relaxing on the coastline of the beach to indulging in adrenaline-pumping water activities, not to forget heading on a boat cruise that defines beauty, the Bentota beach calls out to people who seek fun as well as serenity. 

Seek the historic essence of the Old Dutch Fort

Dating back to the 16th century, this setting not only comprises an architecture that holds a strong historic essence but also a calming vibe of the sea that surrounds it.

Positioned in Galle, the old Dutch Fort is a magnificent structure that leaves the tourists in awe of its beauty.

From exploring the past of the fort, the history of the lighthouse to witnessing the serenity of the sea, this setting is a must explore. 

Soak in the beauty of the Nine Arch Bridge

Straight out of a movie, the setting is a magical landscape for anyone who has an eye for beauty.

Known as a green paradise, the Nine Arch bridge which is made out of cement, stone and brick only, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Offering aesthetic views that are not just eye-pleasing but also full of serenity, the vacationists can also pay a visit to Ravana’s cave and Ravana Falls. If beauty is what you seek, make sure the Nine Arch Bridge tops your to-visit in Sri Lanka list!

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Experience the utmost serenity of the Bambarakanda Falls, Ohiya 

Known as the highest waterfall on the island of Sri Lanka at a height of 263 metres from the ground, the Bambarakanda falls, is a hub for witnessing aesthetic beauty.

Positioned in Kalupahana, Ohiya, the falls is not only a treat to the eyes but to the soul too as the serene environment it offers, makes you forget all the worries you held onto.

While experiencing the serene vibe of this setting, you can also explore the Uduweriya Haputale Mountain and the Kuda Oya which is a tributary of the Walawe River. 

Housing numerous gorgeous landscapes, settings full of lush greenery and crystal-clear waters, there is a reason this country is called the Peal of the Indian Ocean.

From indulging in adrenaline-pumping water activities to simply relaxing in the serene locations, not to forget exploring the rich past of the country, the island of Sri Lanka is an absolute delight for vacationists. 

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