Best Way To Admire The Sri Lanka Journey

Best Way To Admire The Sri Lanka Journey

Sri Lanka stores a wide range of surprises for you, but a vast country like Sri Lanka cannot be easily covered. There are many best ways to admire the country, but among those, there are certain ways by which you can admire the Sri Lanka journey. Read on to this blog to know more about the Sri Lanka journey.

Top Ways To Admire The Sri Lanka Journey

  1. Hike to the top of Adam’s Peak
  2. Visit Galle
  3. Climb up Sigiriya
  4. Have fun in Yala National Park
  5. Roam inside Polonnaruwa
  6. Experience Bentota
  7. Kandy

Did you know Marco Polo once described Sri Lanka as one of the exceptional islands in the world? It has a rich culture, and even so, diverse heritage. Visit Pickyourtrail to book one of the best Sri Lanka honeymoon tour. Also, customise the Sri Lanka itinerary according to your likes.

  1. Hike to the top of Adam’s Peak

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A cone-shaped and tall mountain set in a sundry zoological site is much popular among tourists throughout the year. Positioned in central Sri Lanka, Adam’s peak is 7,359 ft (2,243m) high. It is a favourite route for pilgrims as it is a famous path in the Buddhist religion. Did you know, here near the summit, you will find an outline of Buddha’s footprint? It is a short hike and takes about two-four hours to reach the summit. Make a plan of arriving at the peak around the time of dawn if you want to witness a mesmerising sunrise. 

  1. Visit Galle

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Galle, an unspoiled colonial city, is located on the southwest coast. It is perfect if you want to take a refreshing break from the city. Filled with delightful views of the seaside of the Dutch-era and villas of the colonial period, you can visit there anytime you want. Are you planning to visit the Galle Fort built by Dutch? If so, you definitely should. Made in Europe, it is a World Heritage Site and the largest sea fort. Besides these, you can also visit one of the attractive cricket grounds in the world, Galle International Stadium and St. Mary’s Cathedral, which is also a natural harbour.

  1. Climb up Sigiriya

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Lion Rock or Sigiriya is a mansion in the Matale district and also a rock fortress. In Sri Lanka, this is one of the must-visit attractions and is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. Going up, you will find the ancient ruins bordered by ponds, jungle hills and gardens.

  1. Have fun in Yala National Park

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If you want to witness the big cats in Sri Lanka, situated on the southeast coast, Yala National Park is the perfect place to go. The park houses a wide collection of leopards and various species in the world. Also, a huge number of aquatic birds and elephants native to Sri Lanka are present in a chief sanctuary here. Moreover, you will find several crocodiles, monkeys and other animals running around the forest areas and grassy plains.

  1. Roam inside Polonnaruwa

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

This is a place showcasing extraordinary examples of historic Sinhalese architecture and art. These are present in Polonnaruwa, the former capital of Sri Lanka, which is also a well-preserved Unesco town. In addition, it is even home to ancient ruins. Moreover, the Gal Vihara rock temple dating back from the 12th-century is placed here. Apart from these, worth exploring attractions are the Buddhist Lankatilaka temple and Quadrangle, an ancient site.

  1. Experience Bentota

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Set on the southwest coast of the country, this town consists of luxurious hotels and spectacular beaches. A spectre of an unblemished charmer, spend a day or two under the warmth of the sun. In addition, the Galapatha Rajamaha Viharaya temple is a perfect place to keep calm and quiet. Moreover, you cannot stride away from the place without playing with turtles nearby Kosgoda turtle hatchery. A popular tourist hotspot, Bentota, is flourishing with various activities, such as water sports and helicopter rides. 

  1. Kandy

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Also known as the Sacred City of Kandy, this large city is important to Buddhists from all over the world. The Temple of the Tooth which borders the royal palace of the fourth century is known to hold Buddha’s tooth. You cannot see it, but in reality, there is – an exciting fact isn’t it? Somewhere else, surrounding is the central highland mountains. Here, you will be able to indulge in Sinhalese culture.  

I hope this article is quite informative and you found out all the best ways to admire the Sri Lanka journey. From the above list, choose one of the options and plan your trip accordingly. Moreover, visit the website Pickyourtrail to book a special Sri Lanka honeymoon package. Also, customise your Sri Lanka itinerary according to your choices.

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