Top 5 places outside India you must visit

Top 5 places outside India you must visit 

People no longer consider international travel from India a fantasy but rather valued experiences that should not be neglected.

There are a variety of baits on unknown coastlines. There are numerous international event objections that you can choose. South Asia provides a variety of beautiful locations for explorers to visit. Prepare to plan your worldwide getaways around fantabulous snow capped mountains, lush valleys, gorgeous islands, huge sea coastlines, bustling metropolis regions, and tourist attractions..

 List of Top 5 places outside India you must visit 

  1. Singapore
  2. Thailand
  3. Malaysia
  4. Bhutan
  5. Srilanka


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Singapore, perhaps the most beautiful nation on the planet, is one of India’s most popular occasion objections. The island country is lush green with access to the blue water and is favour with frequent splendour. The holiday locations entice families, Honeymoon, and adventure seekers from India and throughout the world. Gastronomic pleasures, retail delights, experiential exercises, and interactions all contribute to the cherished memories of a visit to Singapore.

Feel comfortable when travelling from home since the nation has an ‘Indian’ vibe.

  1. Investigate the Sentosa Island’s
  2. It’s an exciting moment to explore Universal studio
  3. The Merlion Sculpture is worth seeing.
  4. Take a stroll around the futuristic Sky Garden.
  5. savour the delectable cuisine
  6. Orchard Road caters to your deepest desires.
  7. Singapore Zoo has a night safari.
  8. Examine the Clarke Quay Bay Area.


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When a country is dubbed ‘Place of Smiles,’ it practically sets the tone for your vacation. Thailand is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people all over the world. Thailand wrecks you with choices, from the best seashores on the planet to abandoned islands, outdated sanctuaries, beguiling business sectors, outstanding gastronomy, shopping, and much more.

The island is in Southeast Asia is a delightful destination for honeymoon couples, will experience sweethearts and fun-seekers.

Thailand is arguably the best place to visit outside of India since it puts you at ease and gives you a homey feeling.

  1. Bangkok is a beautiful city to visit.
  2. At Pattaya, take part in the seaside rapture.
  3. Phuket is a great place to party.
  4. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the Phi Islands.
  5. Enjoy an array of exciting activities such as scuba diving, swimming, parasailing, and more.
  6. Get pampered with a Thai back rub.
  7. Enjoy the fantastic Thai cuisine Shop until you drop.


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Malaysia is a tropical island country in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most popular occasion objections outside of India. Malaysia is known for its challenging metropolitan regions, significant places, breathtaking sea coasts and islands, thrilling adventures, friendly people, and more. Malaysia is a unique destination that provides energising getaways for families, romantic wedding getaways for couples, and the ultimate worldwide escape from India. The combination of booming public parks, lush forests, a thriving marine environment, and metropolitan areas with mega shopping stores, restaurants, and nightlife will wow you!


  1. In Kuala Lumpur, take a look at the Petronas Twin Towers.
  2. Visits to the city of Kuala Lumpur
  3. Sunway Lagoon is a fun-filled world.
  4. Relax and enjoy Langkawi’s bliss.
  5. Explore the charming Malacca Town Shop to your heart’s content.
  6. Taste the delectable Malaysian cuisine.
  7. Exercises using water


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Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, is one of the world’s happiest countries, and what better place to spend your holiday than there?

Bhutan has burdens to contribute to the table, making it ideal for a global trip from India. The Himalayan nation offers it all, from ancient religious groups dating back to the early beginnings of Buddhism to scenic travelling paths.

Bhutan, often known as the Kingdom of the Dragon, offers a respite from the outside world.

The enticing environment, the fresh mountain air, and the joy of the ancient kingdom will undoubtedly bring back happy memories of outings with family, friends, or on a wedding vacation.

  1. Thimpu is a great place to visit for a tour.
  2. Explore Punakha Dzong
  3. Donate to ancient religious communities.
  4. At the neighbourhood market, look for careful craftsmanship.
  5. Pay a visit to Paro.
  6. Set off on scenic hiking routes.
  7. Appreciate the delectable cuisine of the highlands.


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When you’re planning a trip to another country, the choice of studying and checking out places is a must.

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful landscapes, slopes, cascades, sanctuaries, tea plantations, and public parks.

Sri Lanka vacation packages ensure that you see as many sites as possible without missing out on anything relaxing or relaxing.

The tear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean appears to be small. It is one of the best places in the world for people looking for a fantabulous getaway, as it offers a wide range of fun, experience, and feeling.

Sri Lanka’s energising activities, including seashores, slopes, wildernesses, old landmarks, cultural history, nightlife, untamed life, and exquisite food, make it a paradise! A combination of all of them is what makes up the most soul-satisfying top activities in Sri Lanka, which astounds everyone. 

Of course, look at the incredible range of activities and experiences it has to offer to anybody who steps foot in its settings.

Colombo is the haven for all spoiled luxury visitors, with ultra-modern comforts, transcending high buildings, retail edifices, and a swaying nightlife.

Even though Covid is approaching, these spending global excursions throughout Coronavirus will not be a threat. This collection of locations draws visitors from all over the world, and if your condition is on track, check Sri Lanka Packages and the crown test results are negative, and you have no signs of getting vents, it won’t be a concern.

Have you been dazzled a lot?

There’s a lot to see on our globe, and this slew of locations will make you feel like you’ve been hiding out till now. As a result, don’t hold your breath.

Pickyourtrail can help you plan the best trips across the globe so you can live, love, travel, and enjoy a stress-free vacation.


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