10 Best Restaurants In Sri Lanka

10 Best Restaurants In Sri Lanka

Are you hungry for some Sri Lankan food? If yes, Sri Lankan cuisine has always been one of the favourites of the people of the island as well as the tourists from around the world. Colombo, the largest city of Sri Lanka and the commercial capital is popular in the restaurant business and flourishing with restaurants all over the capital.

10 Top Restaurants In Sri Lanka

  1. Sea Spray Restaurant
  2. The Curry Leaf
  3. Ministry of Crab
  4. Raswasala Restaurant
  5. Nihonbashi
  6. The Kandy House
  7. 1864
  8. Helga’s Folly
  9. The Gallery Cafe
  10. Beach Wadiya

The restaurants, cafes and eateries of Sri Lanka are cosy enough to keep you comfortable. Here, you can get everything starting from a cup of tea to seafood specialities. Read on to know about the 10 best restaurants in Sri Lanka. Visit Pickyourtrail to book one of the best Sri Lanka honeymoon packages and also customise your Sri Lankan itinerary.

Sea Spray Restaurant

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The Sea Spray Restaurant is situated in Colombo and provides its customers with an unforgettable dining experience, and from here, you will find some beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. It is a rooftop restaurant offering some fantastic views. You should try Tiger Prawns, Garlic Prawns and Barramundi. These are the signature dishes of this exquisite restaurant. Enjoy these mouth-watering food while they last!

The Curry Leaf

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If you are a seafood lover, this place is a paradise for you. Situated in Colombo, the Curry Leaf captures the heart of every tourist. You will get a pinch of Sri Lankan tradition in every food of this place. Katta sambol, mutton kottu and fish fry are must-try dishes here. Relinquish your dining experience as you eat amidst the hospitable and warm staff here. The theme of Curry Leaf is based on Sri Lanka’s auspicious villages, and you will even find an extraordinary buffet served here.

Ministry of Crab

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Did you know in 2017, the Ministry of Crab was featured among Asia’s 50 best restaurants? You will be surprised to know you will be offered a vast variety of crab dishes. Located in Colombo, the Ministry of Crab offers more than a thousand varieties of crab species with different decorations of crab-claw plants. Moreover, you should never miss the spicy chicken teriyaki, Sri Lankan Crab, garlic chilly prawns, chicken fried rice and pepper crab.


Raswasala Restaurant

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Do you love enjoying food in rooftop cafes? If so, Raswasala Restaurant is your best choice. Engage in a mesmerising experience with attractive views of Amaya hills. It is one of the favourite restaurants of local people containing voluminous displays. Set in Kandy, this will be a memorable experience for everyone as they indulge in delicious cuisines.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Nihonbashi restaurant offers the best Japanese cuisine in the land of curry and rice. Situated in Colombo, the restaurant provides an endless array of authentic Japanese foods. Some of the must-try dishes here are crab fried rice, prawn tempura, sushi and many more. Eating here will make you feel like you have travelled to Japan.

The Kandy House

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Here, you will find a vast variety of Asian and Sri Lankan cuisines combined with tasty drinks. Located in Kandy, the Kandy House offers a pleasant atmosphere by the side of a glimmering pool. While you are here, you must try beef tenderloin and pan-fried fish fillet. It is a perfect place for taking your sweetheart on a date. 


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1864 is one of the few cafes in Sri Lanka which focuses on continental food. Baked mushrooms, pork kebab and jumbo prawns are some of the definitely-try dishes here. The whole environment provides you with a 5-star dining experience. Also, you will be able to get a conglomeration of both new and old wines, along with modern European cuisine. Did you know it is one of the 9 best restaurants in Sri Lanka, which will surely quench your food cravings?

Helga’s Folly

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Nestled between the hills in Kandy, this restaurant is one of the 9 best restaurants in Sri Lanka. In Helga’s Folly, you will find friendly staff, a rich variety of cuisines and an excellent ambience. Some of the mouth-watering and splendid dishes served here are fish cake, chicken Abigail and chicken soup. If you want to taste every bit of Sri Lanka, you should definitely visit here.

The Gallery Cafe

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This cafe provides you with all types of food, starting from Indian to Italian dishes. Nevertheless, you will get an ultimate variety of Sri Lankan cuisines. Jiggery cream, coq au vin and pork schnitzel are some unmissable dishes here. Eat and enjoy amidst the fresh outdoor ambience and with the best service.

Beach Wadiya

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Beach Wadiya is a beachfront restaurant providing abundant seafood. You will find both tasty and cheap food with a combination of seafood dishes. Experience the best quality food inside a dynamic and relaxed environment.

Enjoy your vacation as well as eat out in one of the 10 best restaurants in Sri Lanka. Also, check out Pickyourtrail to know the best deals. Book a Sri Lanka honeymoon package and even customise your Sri Lanka itinerary according to your choices. Have a nice trip to Sri Lanka!

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