How to Grab Leads After Starting a Photo Booth Business?

You’ve taken the first steps to start your photo booth business, but the next step is arguably the most important, finding leads. A business is nothing without its client base, so building this is an important deciding factor for the success or failure of the business. A photo booth business can be a lucrative investment if done right. There are plenty of potential customers out there with events just waiting for your booth. We’ll take a further look at how to grab leads after starting your photo booth business.

Build your offering 

The first step to grabbing leads is building your offering. No one will purchase your business if they don’t know what you offer. It’s important to clearly identify and communicate your proposal and packages. Outline exactly what your client can expect from you and how they can make the most of the photo booth for their event. A website is a perfect place to showcase your offering. This is where you want to send any potential customers so they can see your offering and get in touch. Your website needs to be clear, with plenty of information and inspiration. Use photos, videos, and testimonials to sell your offer. Ensure you make use of FAQ pages and blog posts, so your website appears in the search engine when people are searching for local photo booth rental services.

Advertise online

You need to shout about your business online so potential customers can hear you. Social media can be the number one place to advertise your business. Use your social channels to show what you offer and tailor the information to your target audience. Don’t try to master all social channels; focus on specific ones where your target audience will be. For example, if you are focusing on weddings, then go to Instagram and Pinterest. If you are targetting corporate events, then head to LinkedIn. If you want to reach birthday parties, graduations, or school formals, then Tiktok is where you should be. Facebook groups can also be a great idea if you are aiming to budget weddings, for example. Find where your audience is and go there. You can also advertise online through Google My Business and Google and Facebook Ads. This is a great way to target specific customers looking for your services.

Promotion and events

Get involved in promotions and events to showcase your business. This could involve gifting a free photobooth package to a wedding planner. This means they can see your offering and utilize your work in the future. Although this promotional activity will cost in the first instance, it can have great returns over time. You should appear at any wedding expos or corporate events to showcase your offering. Take a photo booth and let people see what it can do. Let them take home the photo strips, so they can find you after the event.


Communication is key to building trust with clients. Always respond as soon as possible to show you are trustworthy and reliable. Another great idea is to build an email subscriber list to keep in touch with past, present, and future customers. You can give them tips for their next event, let them know about offers and more. It keeps your business front of mind when they come to planning their next event. Following up with customers is an important way to keep communication flowing. Even if someone does not purchase your photo booth, you should find out why and keep a positive connection as they may look to you for their next event. After the event, it is important to get reviews, and feedback, so you continue to improve. Post on social media and shout about your successes, as word of mouth is the best form of advertising. 

Getting leads for your photo booth business is important for your business as customers are vital to success. You need to make your offering clear and shout about it online and at events. Always communicate and build trust with clients; word of mouth is important, so you need to build a reliable reputation. If you are just starting your photo booth business, you’ve made a good decision. Here are some of our recommendations for photo booth purchase, photo booth machines for sale, and wedding photo booth for sale to get your business started. We would love to hear from you and your best tips for finding leads for a photo booth business. Let us know on social media so we can all grow our businesses.

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