Some Good Reasons to Choose Open-Air Photo Booth Rental

The traditional photo booth has had a makeover. Gone are the days of climbing into a tiny booth and squashing in together to take a photo. Although that might fill your mind with nostalgic memories, the reality of that style of photo booth is a huge clunky design and awkward setup. You could never fit everyone you wanted in your photo, so there was always someone left out. A photo booth with an open top solves all those problems while retaining the excitement and fun of the original photo booth. Keep reading to find out why you should choose an open-air style photo booth for your next event. 

Compact design

One of the main benefits of open-air photo booths is the compact, sleek design. It is much smaller than a traditional photo booth. It can fit in any space in an event and only needs a small space for taking photos. The minimal design means the photo booth will look great at any event. It will fit in seamlessly with the decor of many places and won’t ruin the aesthetic.

Easy to transport and set up 

Due to the compact size of the open-top photo booth, it’s easy to transport and set up. This means it can sit anywhere in your event, as you don’t have to worry about fitting it through doors or anything else. Most of the time, rental services will provide the setup, and as this is minimal, it will save you time and money over setting up the traditional style booth. You won’t need to factor in time to set up the photo booth before the event when you’re likely to be focusing on other things. This means a stress-free setup so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the event.

Professional quality 

The photo quality of this particular type of photo booth is exponentially better than that of traditional photo booths. This is because the camera and equipment mimic that of a photography studio. You’ll get studio-quality lighting that can be adjusted and adapted for your event space and environment. Good lighting is the key to a good photo, so using an open-air photo booth, you can be confident the photos will be perfect every time. This type of a photo booth also offers you the chance to add different filters so you can take whatever style of photos best fits your event. With the open-air photo booth, you can take unlimited photos, so you are not restricted by only 4 or 5 each turn, ultimately giving you the best photos.


Open-air photo booths offer more space for customization and personalization. With these types of booths, you can have many different types of backgrounds to fit your event. You could even have a green screen for unlimited background choices. An open-air photo booth also gives you the option to add props. Props are a great way to add more fun and entertainment, and with this type of booth, you have plenty of space to bring in as many props as you wish. Went printing your final photos, you could even add branding or a logo of some sort to really add a personal touch. Perhaps you want to add the date of the wedding or a class of 22 on the photos. Whatever your event, you can completely customize this, so it’s perfect for you.

Space for everyone

An open-air photo booth not only gives you more room for props but also more room for people. Cast your mind back to the traditional style booth. You can only fit 3 or 4 people at most in there, and usually, the picture will cut out parts of the people. That’s not ideal, but it’s avoided with open-air booths. As the booth is not enclosed, there is room for everyone to join in the picture, and no one is left out. When the open-air photo booth is in use, you can see who is taking the pictures. This makes it much more fun and enjoyable for everyone waiting to have their photos taken as they can see the fun being had. Overall an open-air photo booth brings people together for more fun and enjoyment. 

An open-air photo booth is no doubt a better choice than a traditional-style booth. The pictures will be of much higher quality, and everyone can enjoy a digital copy. There’s more space for everyone to get involved and enjoy the fun, plus more room to add personal touches like props and backgrounds. An open-air photo booth gives you more options to make the most of your photo booth. Check out photo booth rental San Francisco, rent photo booth Bay Area California, and photo booth rental San Diego for renting an open-air photo booth at your next event. We’d love to hear why you’re choosing an open-air photo booth for your next event. Let us know on social media and share with us some of the pictures you got from an open-air photo booth.

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