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An informed pre and post-workout routine is an essential step in your fitness journey. Indeed, your pre and post-workout activities are a crucial determinant of the impact of each EMS Suit workout session. This is particularly true for electronic muscle stimulation. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is an effective technique to lose weight, build muscles, and stay in shape. While the technology is effective on its own, certain pre and post-workout activities can make it even more impactful in your fitness goals. Unfortunately, when most people embrace EMS training, they focus on the actual training, completely ignoring the before and after. Since the technique is quite effective on its own, most people tend to overlook the benefits of certain pre and post-workout activities. However, it is essential to realize your body changes are not grounded solely on your actual workout but also the before and after.

What to do before your EMS workout

Before a workout is an essential period since your body has to ingest food, which supplies the necessary energy for your training session. Moreover, food prepares your muscles for exercise, effectively reducing the risk of injury. Some of the things to do before your workout include; getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and drinking a sufficient amount of water.

Getting Enough Sleep: Getting enough sleep the night before your EMS workout ensures you are rested and have enough energy for your EMS training. Sleep restores your body’s energy supply which is very important for any exercise. Without enough sleep, you might feel fatigued during your workout, or you might even be too tired to start your EMS training.

Eating Healthy: Another very crucial pre-workout routine is eating right. While there is a lot about diet that directly contributes to the effectiveness of EMS training, we are specifically looking at the one-hour window before your EMS training. It is necessary to eat a light meal rich in carbohydrates and proteins thirty minutes before your workout. A carbohydrates-heavy food will provide the energy required to fuel your workout session. Learn More About How EMS Works.

Drinking Enough Water: You will sweat a lot during your EMS workout session, making it vital to drink enough water before the session.

What to do after your EMS workout session

Just as important as the pre-workout routine is, so is the post-workout. The period after your workout is when your body recovers and repairs your muscle. This is particularly true for EMS training since it is a high-intensity workout technology. In fact, your muscles continue to contract to post your workout, making certain post-workout activities such as eating right very important.   Some of the essential post-workout activities include; stretching, eating healthy, drinking enough water, and resting.

Stretching: Stretching promotes the circulation of blood in the body facilitating muscle recovery. Moreover, optimum blood flow prevents muscle soreness and stiffness, a common side effect of intense workouts.

Eating Healthy: Eating healthy is crucial for your recovery after a workout session. It would be best to eat within an hour after your workout to replenish your energy and jumpstart the recovery process. You should eat food high in carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates restore your energy levels while proteins facilitate muscle recovery and supply amino acids that rebuild muscles.

Drinking-Water: Drinking water after your workout is essential in the recovery process. Hydrating after working out replaces the fluids lost through sweating. Moreover, water is vital in flushing toxins out of the body.

Resting: Another important post-workout routine is resting. Most people ignore the importance of rest when training with EMS since it is a relatively short session compared to conventional training. A 20 minutes EMS training session is equivalent to three hours in the gym. However, rest is essential because EMS training is a high-intensity workout regime. Without enough rest, you will strain your muscle, causing injuries. Rest is vital to get the maximum benefit of each EMS workout session.

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