What is Health SEO?

To explain concisely: we can say that it is the service of perfecting the websites prepared for the health sector in every aspect (design, speed, harmony, information, and target-oriented).

Shall we see what we did for your site?

When you look at our Fitty Media team, you will see that each consists of experts in their fields. Every team member is waiting to give your site the magic touch it needs.

Health SEO service consists of 4 main titles;

  • Site Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • SEO Analytics
  • SEO Study

SITE ANALYSIS (We Check-Up Your Site)

This process includes those who had an existing website before they started working with us. When you start working with us, you will realize this perfection compared to the past.

Your site’s health report is issued as stated in the title of the site analysis process. In addition to vital problems, even the simplest problem is detected and corrected because we do not leave it to chance or expect success to be accidental.

Among the problems encountered in the site analysis process;

  • Broken links, images, videos (bugs 0404, etc.)
  • Bad redirects (0301L redirects)
  • Long or short title, description
  • Size errors that slow down site speed
  • Incorrect and unnecessary size increasing CSS, JS codes
  • Incorrect HTTP, HTTPS redirects

CONTENT ANALYSIS (We Prepare The Most Up-to-Date Information)

The heart is one of a person’s most vital organs. Therefore, one of the most vital elements of the site is the information and service pages that we convey to the visitors. The higher the quality of the information you convey, the greater the visitor’s satisfaction and trust in your site and you. This satisfaction will return you as a rapidly increasing success in search results.

The criteria we carefully focus on in content analysis;

  • We review and compare the information to be up-to-date and complete, and we get the approval of our article reviewer, which is made up of doctors.
  • We organize the fonts, colors, and sizes to make the information you convey easy and enjoyable to read.
  • Searches for references and evidence of the information contained in PUBMED etc. We include references from institutions.

Don’t have time to write on your site? Do not worry about it. With your approval, Healthcare Marketing Agency editors research the articles your site needs and add them to your site in the most up-to-date w


SEO ANALYSIS (We’re Just Getting Started)

After analyzing your site in terms of health and content and correcting the problems, we start the SEO analysis and SEO work that will bring success. Previous SEO studies are necessary for existing site owners to detect errors and deficiencies that arise from here.

With SEO analysis, we focus on the following;

  • What is the SEO success rate?
  • How many words are represented in search results
  • What is your position in the search results?
  • Listing the most effective and worst pages
  • Backlink mapping
  • Detection and rejection of toxic (harmful backlinks) (disavow)
  • Detection and prevention of backlink attacks

SEO STUDY (Are You Ready for Success and Profit?)

We got to know your site closely, solved its problems, and now we are starting the necessary SEO work for it to be successful. You should not forget that people need to eat and drink and regular follow-up and SEO work and follow-up on their sites. You should regularly work with a successful specialist. Fitty Media will always be with you in this regard.

Let’s see what we will do in SEO work, shall we?

I would like to reiterate this important point. Fitty Media designs the site you need, prepares the content, and performs the SEO work. The sites we serve are prepared to follow SEO rules from the first moment.

  • Develop strategies to get ahead of our competitors by doing competitor analysis.
  • Discover the potential visitor potential with word analysis and prepare content in this direction.
  • Regularly monitor the health and growth of your site with our analysis tools.
  • Use Fitty Media’s advertising, promotion, and backlink network at no cost.
  • Regularly provide the backlink support that your site needs from sources that are 100% compatible with your site.
  • Check backlink attacks and harmful backlinks weekly to block them.

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