Can’t Sleep at Night? Follow these bedtime routines!

Dim light, pleasant aroma, soft pillows, silky comforters, and the best mattress imaginable. That is the perfect sleeping ambience. Did you just imagine it for a second? How was it? Awesome right? Well, sometimes it actually seems like a dream to lots of people. Many of us can’t enjoy a sound sleep due to insomnia or a wrong choice of mattresses and pillows. Some people develop severe neck or back pain, resulting in a lack of sleep and bad health. They don’t realise that they need to switch to the best mattress for back pain. This is not it. Sometimes your children are also unable to sleep because of your disturbed sleeping cycle. Either it is bed time or any time before it, many reasons can trigger a calm parent.

Bedtime Activities & Your Mattress

It’s exhausting and annoying when your child is unwilling to go to bed on time. And how can we forget that kids love to use their power when you don’t listen to them? In order to avoid all your and your kids’ sleep issues, healthy bedtime activities are always recommended for everyone. But let us divert your attention to another thing. Productive bedtime activities work when you have the best mattress in Pakistan. A highly soft and premium-quality mattress combined with soothing bedtime activities blesses you with a delightful sleep. You must be wondering which brand is offering the most durable and reliable mattresses. The answer is quite evident and simple: Diamond SupremeFoam. They have a good range of comfortable and luxurious mattresses for everyone. Diamond SupremeFoam mattress prices in Pakistan are very reasonable. In particular, ‘Mattress in Box’ mattresses are the talk of the town.

Pacifying Bedtime Activities to Improve the Sleep Cycle

So, let’s discuss interesting bedtime activities combined with SupremeFoam. You can try these activities one by one and adopt the one that makes you feel sleepy easily. But keep in mind that you should have good sleeping conditions, and consistency is the key. You can start by buying the best foam mattress in Pakistan. If you ask us, we are currently in love with SupremeFoam’s GelCool Memory Foam and it comes as a “Mattress in a Box“. It is super convenient to carry, unpack, and unfold. It saves a lot of time on transportation and delivery. This handy mattress price in Pakistan is currently the best as it is on sale.

Motivating Bedtime Story

Start reading a meaningful bedtime story with your child. You have to be very consistent with this habit. Make sure to develop interest by adding fun gestures. Children start imagining the things that you embed in their minds, so be careful with your selection. A story with a good lesson will do the work. You might also fall asleep before your child. Lol. Tell your kids that they have to be in bed on time, and if they are not feeling sleepy right away, they can read a book. In this way, they can learn to relax on their own.

Overcome your child’s Fears

Sometimes your child can’t sleep due to bad dreams or a feeling that there is “a monster” in their room or under their bed. It’s time to be creative, dear mommies. Teach them two to three good words and ask them to repeat that word five times to make the monster disappear. Another thing you can do is to take an air freshener spray bottle and label it as “Monster Destroyer”. Whenever your child is scared and thinks about the monster under the bed or in the closet, spray it. Say hurrah together after removing the monster.

Soothing Music

Lie your kid on a SupremeFoam Kidz Mattress (the best foam mattress in Pakistan) and play comforting music for an hour or so. There are many music options available online. It helps in achieving comfortable sleep by calming different parts of your nervous system. Don’t forget to add a soft pillow by SupremeFoam, which your baby can hold tightly and sleep on. Easy, breezy, and relaxing!

By the way, this activity works well on adults too.

Reading a Good Book

Reading a good book before bed helps you relax, get rid of stress and tension, and also helps you fall asleep quickly. It also helps you build your vocabulary as you read more books. You are sitting on a GelCool mattress by SupremeFoam, reading your favourite book, ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’, and imagine yourself as the main character. That’s the best kind of comfort that makes your mind relax and lets you have a dreamy night. The ideal combination of your favourite book and the best mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

Meditating & Concentration

Meditating can help reduce anxiety and other negative emotions, which will help you sleep better at night. If you don’t have time for meditation because of time constraints or other commitments, try doing some simple breathing exercises instead. Don’t forget to add the SupremeFoam E-Gel pillow if you already have the best mattress in Pakistan by them. You are all set for a peaceful night.

Going Down the Good Memory Lane

Remember the old times when you used to have a lot of fun with your siblings or friends in the bedroom? You would arrange a movie night with all your friends, enjoying your plush mattress and dim light ambience. Recall your moments with your parents, husband, or beloved ones. It will help you by taking your mind off your daily worries and focusing on happiness instead.

Converting your Thoughts into Words

When you write in a diary, you can write down anything that comes to mind—from the news of the day to what you ate for breakfast. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, writing about it can help put things into perspective for you. It keeps your mind engaged and supports stress-free sleep as you have already penned down your emotions all at once.

These were just a few of the good ideas that can help you sleep early and encourage positive thinking. As we have mentioned, your bedtime and sleep are incomplete without a soft mattress and a few pillows. Why don’t you bring in the best mattress and pillows of your choice by SupremeFoam? Their premium products are meant to make you fall asleep by leaving your worries behind.

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