Tower Light Rental Dubai: Selecting The Right Lighting Tower

A tower light rental dubai is the ideal piece of gear to have. When you really want a light hotspot for performing work. Or different exercises into the evening or in dim circumstances.


You should see how lighting towers work. Where they are utilized, and what to think about while picking one. 


Metal Halide Technology In Light Towers


Metal Halide lights are the most ordinarily utilized on light towers. And can present 600,000 lumens of light contingent upon the quantity of wattage and lights utilized. 




  • Been being used in the business for north of 40 years
  • Most ordinarily utilized light innovation on light towers
  • Financially savvy
  • High productivity
  • Lights worksite and region around worksite
  • Assessed 10,000-hour bulb life (for 1000 watt lights)


Light Output:


There are really various wattage metal halide lights accessible. However, the 1000 watt has been the business standard. These lights are evaluated at 110,000 lumens for each light. A few light towers might have a higher 1250 watt framework. That can create more lumens. 


These lights ordinarily produce 110 to 120 lumens for every watt (lumens partitioned by watts). Since most light towers utilizing metal halide lights include four lights. A four-light tower will create somewhere in the range of 440,000. 


And 600,000 lumens of light on the place of work. That creation helps light the encompassing region. As well as the functioning region to add to a protected and useful worksite. 


Project workers note a distinction in bulb life. With higher wattages, the bulb life generally goes down. While a 1000 watt metal halide light normally has a bulb life of 10,000 hours. A 1250 watt light ordinarily has a bulb life of around 7,000 hours.


How To Choose A Lighting Tower? Factors To Consider


Here are some useful tips to consider when choosing a light tower. And these are the following. There are so many diesel generator rental uae


Light inclusion and brilliance:


Light inclusion alludes to how far the light spread expands. And is estimated in square meters. Regular lighting tower inclusion goes from 2,000sqm to 8,000sqm. 


As well as inclusion, you should check the degree of light out. This is estimated in lumens, with one lumen. Being what could be compared to a birthday candle. And a 60w light bulb emanating around 800 lumens. Lighting towers can normally go from 75,000 to 250,000-lumen limit. 


Another action that you could see is ‘lux’. Which alludes to the degree of light that falls on a surface. In that sense lux contrasts from lumens. Which measures the complete degree of light radiated toward each path. 


To find out about what lux implies, the nearer you are to alight the higher the lux perusing. For a lighting tower, a proportion of 10 to 20 lux is generally standard.


Eco-friendliness and eco-agreeableness:


For a lighting tower working from a generator, you ought to consider the effectiveness of the fuel. By taking a gander at the running hours of a gas tank. For instance, you ought to expect somewhere. Around 200 hours for a 120-liter tank of diesel. 


Lighting towers in the past utilized conventional lights. However many have now changed to LED lighting. Driven isn’t just longer-enduring. And more expense productive. Yet it likewise radiates far fewer emanations. 




Regardless of whether you will utilize a portable or fixed lighting tower. You should consider how you will proficiently move it to your site. Including how well it will be safeguarded on the way. 


While numerous units can be separately towed behind a standard vehicle. For significant distance transport including different units. 


You might require a huge truck to stay away from such a large number of excursions. And to safeguard the hardware. Assuming that your circumstance will include utilizing a trailer. And search for one with a solid defensive shade. 


Elective power source:


Lighting towers can generally be associated with the lattice. Or fueled from their own motor. Some lighting tower models can be utilized as a generator power source in themselves. And that implies you could have two bits of hardware in one unit. 


Robotization highlights:


There are lighting towers that work consequently when required. So search for this component assuming you want the tower to come on naturally at a set time. 


Commotion level:


You might have to consider the commotion produced by your lighting tower. For instance, assuming you will involve it in a city. Or metropolitan setting. Search for a model that accompanies ‘quietness’ highlights. 


Strength and assemble quality:


Lighting towers are frequently utilized in extreme open-air conditions. For example, in rough territory. For this, they should be solid. Search for models produced using non-destructive materials. And that accompany tough shades and enduring light bulbs.


Overhauling factors:


Lighting towers are worked for long use. Yet will on occasion require overhauling. Ensure your provider can offer the types of assistance you will require for this.




Here you can find more relevant information about the light towers and their work. And also you can learn what are the criteria for selecting the correct lighting tower for you.

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