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MP3 players are audio-video electronics with headset and microphones. They are the latest craze amongst younger generation. College going students, young professionals and youth of today are just crazy about MP3 player. These electronic devices keep you entertained all day long without any hindrances. Users can store n-number of songs and simply keep listening. Some MP3 are attached with FM Tuner for those who love listening to Radio stations. There are basically three types of players including hard drive-based, flash-based and MP3/CD based. Hard drive has some parts that can be injured due to high impacts. For these users flash based mp3 work best.

MP3 is music whole day long. They just need charging at regular intervals and they can keep you entertained whole day long. Some people love exercising as per notes of music. For them, MP3 player is the best. People love to drive on their two wheelers with their mp3 to make traveling less tiresome. MP3 is music anytime and every time. Popular hard drive players are Apple I Pod, Apple I Pod Mini, etc. Music has magical powers to liven up any atmosphere. Some players have voice recording facility as well. Therefore, they can be used to record your favorite music from FM Tuner and store it in the memory of your player.

One of the best features of MP3 player is that users can enhance the memory of these players with the help of micro-SD card. What else can anybody want? It’s like music whole day long. Some MP3 supports Secure Digital cards, Compact Flash, Smart Media cards, inexpensive memory cards for better storage. Sony and Apple I Pods are commonly used mp3 players. MP3 Players are relatively inexpensive and are great in flexibility. A normal 4GB memory card stores upto1000 songs and can play these songs anywhere, anytime. The greatest advantage is that it can store even 15000songs at one time in a 64GB hard drive.

MP3 have colored screen also. Some advanced MP3 players support JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF or PNG Images as slide show or individually. Most popularly used MP3 are with 64MB storage space where users can store up to one hour music or approximately 32 songs at a time. MP3 players are great objects of gifting as well. For good quality mp3 player, visit the mobile store and purchase the one that suits you best. The MP3 player project was almost completely terminated in 1988 because of the many failed attempts to get the player working correctly. Finally in 1989, the group got it right and received a German patent In the United States. It took seven years to complete this project and was ready for distribution in 1996.

One of the earliest creators of the digital audio player was Briton Kane Kramer. Along with Kramer’s input, the MP3 player was mass produced for the first time in 1997 with the name of the MP Man player. Once this technology was produced, Diamond Multimedia came out with the Rio PMP300 player which received drastic popularity. Compaq then introduced their own hard drive based digital MP3 player in 1988. Today, one of the most popular forms of MP3 players known as iPods came from the Apple Computer company.

When the MP3 technology first hit the shelves, they became very popular and soon became the main source of music. This is because of the many benefits of the MP3 player such as being able to hold thousands of songs that are able to run for hours on end. They are typically small enough to be held in a pocket and can be worn in public in order to have your music available anytime you’d like. They are battery powered so no having to plug in your device like most stereo systems.

You may be wondering what is an MP3 player exactly and how does it work? First of all, MP3 stands for MPEG Audio Layer III and it was designed in order to hold compression music that proves to have no sound or quality loss when playing. MP3 is a part of MPEG which stands for Motion Pictures Expert Group. These are what display audio and video using compression.

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