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Seven precious tips to help you get better at gift packaging

Using gift packaging to present the items is a way to grab more sales from consumers. This packaging solution is ideal for apparel, electronic gadgets, wedding favors, toys, jewelry, etc. Moreover, the custom gift wrapping service providers can also get it in the desired sizes. A strong cardboard or bux board material with the desired thickness of sheets comes into use for this packaging. Because of this, the items stay secure inside these boxes.

Furthermore, different custom options are used in this packaging to make it appealing. Some popular custom options used in this regard are die-cutting, embossing, foiling, scoring and perforation, and addition of handles. Similarly, the internal aesthetics are lifted by using the luxury inserts and dividers to expand storage space. Also, the marketing needs are met effectively by printing the textual and visual content related to the ongoing events.

Sharing gifts is a centuries-old tradition and is equally popular in all corners. This tradition is becoming more popular every day. Thus, now firms prefer using gift packaging to win the maximum sales. However, this purpose needs to adopt engaging tricks in this packaging to attract customers. Existing standard packaging for gift items is unable to do so. But, these below-mentioned seven precious tips can help make this packaging better for an improved customer experience.

Make the gift packaging thematic:

Usually, the gift boxes available in the wholesale market are for all types of products and brands with standard designs. However, people buying gift items search for the items that they could gift loved ones according to the situation. In the same way, people getting gifts also expect something special.

Thus, you can elevate the customer experience by using a thematic design. Always prefer to choose a design having elements targeting the ongoing events. For example, you can include the wishes for Christmas with the Santa and snowman images for the Christmas event. Such thematic options make the items stand out on shelves when people rush to retail stores on such events.

Include VIP treatment via unboxing:

Special treatment always inspires people, and such experiences leave the impact for longer. Including this special treatment with the creative use of unboxing is exactly the way. As a result, the custom gift boxes will come up as an improved solution. Unboxing has become much more versatile, and the sky is the limit for showing creativity in this regard.

For example, you can use a hinged lid with a magnet added to it or experiment with the catchy round removable lid. The use of sleeve and drawer design will also make the unboxing of this packaging special. Consequently, people would love to upload videos and images of the unboxing over their social media networks.

Display high-resolution images:

Printing the playful images over the gift boxes wholesale is another way for improvement. The charm of blank packaging quickly vanishes after the removal of wrapping. However, printed packaging having attractive patterns and images make buyers more excited about a gift after taking off wrapping.

Besides, people can even use such products without proper wrapping because of the packaging aesthetics. Moreover, you can give hints to the consumers about the possible product inside to sustain the curiosity till the very last moment. In the meantime, ensure to print the images having a high resolution on the packaging. It will raise the look of the packaging over retail shelves.

Use dividers for multiple units:

Usually, the products for gifting purposes have multiple units joined together to make them functional. Moreover, people often prefer to get more than one product in the gift boxes for gifting purposes. It is common for perfumes, Cosmetics like lipsticks, and other products.

Managing the space is inevitable in this situation for a good impression over the people getting gifts. You can improve the packaging in this regard by placing cardboard or foam inserts. However, ensure to use the inserts manufactured according to the dimension of products for accuracy. Also, these inserts are pretty helpful for the safety of fragile gift items.

Promote eco-friendly practices:

Making packaging better does not mean playing with the structural design only. Making some value addition is inevitable to stay standout in the crowd. It becomes possible by promoting environment-friendly practices with the use of organic materials.

Some popular organic materials that you can use in this regard are bamboo corn starch and mushrooms. These elements are also reusable and recyclable, along with having sustainable properties. Hence, such green packaging benefits both businesses and society. Firms gain more profits, and the people can fulfill their needs without harming nature.

Consider internal gift packaging aesthetics:

An internal presentation of the gift items decides the way people will remember a gift. A memorable experience from a brand for a skill means getting some new loyal customers. Therefore, elevate the internal aesthetics by using custom options in wholesale gift boxes.

Undoubtedly, the use of custom inserts is again an excellent option in this regard. However, placing some fine silk or satin fabrics beneath the products in a box is a more creative idea. As a result, the gift items will stay protected from dust and look quite adoring. However, using the tissues printed with the logo of a brand is also a great option.

Leave space for embellishments:

A lot is going on during the designing phase of the custom gift boxes. Often every inch of the surface is used to take business benefits. For example, the external surface is printed with the brand and product information.

Similarly, the custom text is shown at the personalized boxes for the events like weddings, birthdays, or corporate achievements. Leave some space for the add-ons that will raise the charm of the packaging. The use of ribbons, bows, and other such embellishments hides some part of the box surface. Therefore, display the essential elements like the logo in a position where they do stay visible.

Undoubtedly, implementing these techniques creatively in the gift packaging will provide fruitful results. Making this packaging better will benefit the firms in winning more sales. In the same way, people getting the gifts will feel more loved because of such a memorable experience. However, considering the safety standards is equally important during all this customization.

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