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The healthcare marketing agency belongs to the doctors. They must therefore be designed with care, expertise, trustworthiness, and authority to meet Google’s high requirements. An online marketing agency’s professional support will help you achieve initial success within a reasonable time and your marketing goals for the healthcare sector.

Marketing for Healthcare at Healthcare Marketing Agency

As multiple holders of a BVDW certificate, we have extensive know-how and experience in online marketing support for customers from various industries, including healthcare marketing. We record your goals and wishes and get the best out of your budget. Transparent and speedy communication, flexibility, and a deep understanding of marketing are your guarantee for success in the online world.

Competent and reliable. When it comes to SEO consulting and implementation, the healthcare marketing agency has always impressed.”

Online Marketing Services for Healthcare

Definition of the target group

It should be defined at the beginning to achieve the best marketing results from your target group. Accordingly, the following questions could be discussed: What age groups are your customers in? What previous illnesses do you have? Do you need a caregiver 24 hours a day or just a few hours? We would be happy to create the right buyer personas for your healthcare marketing system and show you who your customers are, their needs, and how much they can pay for your offer or services.

Strategy development

A strategy is exactly what separates success from failure offline the world and online. A precise timetable for your marketing in the healthcare sector not only helps you to plan online marketing measures.

Keyword Research

To be found on the Internet, you need to know your users’ search behavior and know exactly what and how they are looking for. Therefore, we analyze your target groups’ search behavior, including a detailed competition analysis. We not only look at transactional but also information-driven keywords and sort them according to search volume and competition. We then go through the list together and send you a ready-to-use keyword set, which we keep an eye on for support and adapt to your wishes and needs.

Technical and content optimization of the website

So that optimal content can be made available on your site, we use our previously prepared keyword set for the text creation. In doing so, we observe the requirements of Google and your potential customers regarding readability. Of course, technical optimizations also play a major role here, such as the crawl ability of your website or the page speed.

Local SEO

Healthcare marketing services are usually provided on-site or in a personal meeting. Therefore, local proximity is particularly important for healthcare service providers. As a result, the number of “nearby” searches is constantly increasing.


Google Ads are paid ads on Google that are of great importance in healthcare marketing. Your target group is usefully addressed by Google Ads, while we in the team constantly keep an eye on the respective expenses and generate the traffic of your SEA campaigns.

Social Media Ads

Social media is now a very big player when it comes to ads. Especially in healthcare marketing and nursing, advertisements on social media platforms bring an enormous advantage. We run your corresponding social media advertising campaign for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and thus increase your reach.

Usability optimization

Can users contact you or book a doctor’s appointment? Are there enough trust elements on the site? Is the website viewable and responsive on the smartphone? These and many other questions are clarified as part of a usability audit. You are given recommendations on designing your healthcare website design in the friendliest and most effective way for customers.

Link Audit and Link building

Qualitative backlinks are an important aspect of gaining a certain trust with Google. Long gone are the days when quantity came before quality, especially when it comes to healthcare marketing. In a detailed link audit, we put your backlink profile through its paces, look at each link, and remove the links that do not meet the current Google quality guidelines.

Website Relaunch

An old website hardly inspires trust among potential customers. Therefore, a website relaunch, including a prior and extensive analysis, is the key to getting a contemporary and trustworthy web presence that Google and its users will receive.

Some Benefits of Online Healthcare Advertising

New customer generation

Through the targeted use of several online marketing channels, you increase your level of awareness and draw people’s attention to your healthcare marketing company. This increases the likelihood that people will walk right into your doctor’s office or pharmacy and become customers.

Increase in sales and profits

Sales and profits increase when you acquire customers in the health care sector concerning health insurance or other offers.

Strengthening the customer relationship

Aspects such as constant exchange and transparency are decisive for an extensive strengthening of the customer relationship. Here, too, we are at your side and develop a trusting basis with your customers with the help of blogs or advertisements.

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