10 SEO Tips to Boost Website Traffic

SEO helps Google and other search engines rank your website higher, seo services in lahore. Website owners seek SEO guidance when traffic is low. Focus on SEO basics because the core causes everything.

In this blog, I’ll present ten simple techniques for improving website traffic. Most people ignore these advice while improving their website. Because SEO has changed, most people assume it’s harder than ten years ago seo services in lahore.

As an online marketing company, I disagree. SEO isn’t easy or difficult, in my opinion. SEO enhances your website for search engines and users. Here are 10 SEO methods to increase website traffic.

Improve content

Long-tail keywords

Use interesting title and description

Site images improved

Speed up site


Mobile first

Build a basic Url

Backlink Evaluation

Social signals

Content enhancement

seo services in lahore
seo services in lahore

Content is a kingdom in the digital world. To conquer this kingdom, you’ll need high-quality content that helps users solve problems or meet needs. Web users absorb content. If he likes your site, Google probably will, too.

Google rewards you for pushing your website to the first page of Google if your content pleases users. Before drawing any judgments, ask yourself, “What is high-quality content?”

Good quality doesn’t just mean using text style or challenging vocabulary. Originality and quality are the top criteria. Write for your guests, not Google. Photos, movies, and other media can boost site engagement.

Long-tail keywords

A keyword finds a query. If someone wants to learn about digital marketing, they may search “what are keywords” Google provides keyword-related material.

In 2005, keyword research began. Since 2005, it’s improved greatly. learn SEO practitioners used keyword stuffing to manipulate Google at the time.

Google recognizes their hacks and prioritizes only relevant target-term content. Users use three keyword categories. Broad, mid-tail, and long-tail keywords exist. Competitive keywords are broad or short. Choose a mid-tail or long-tail keyword to rank rapidly.

Use interesting title and description

You must build a catchy title and description to rank for a term. Other websites are ranked; consumers have choices. Only appealing titles and descriptions can entice readers to click on your content; otherwise, you’ll notice high impressions for a keyword but little clicks. You couldn’t generate website traffic.

Learn some simple rules to write better blog titles. Titles should be 60-65 characters and meta descriptions 160-165.

Provide keywords in the title and description. Depending on your site’s topic, use best, top, how-to, etc. Look at other people’s titles and descriptions before creating your own. Learn from competitors.

Site-optimized images

Images slow down websites. Optimize your photos if your site is slow. You must shrink photo files. Compress your photos without losing quality. JPG photos load faster than others.

After optimizing image size, optimize file names. SEO-friendly picture files include keywords. Use hyphens to separate terms. Google won’t find terms separated by underscores.

Use image alt text. Alt text helps search engines interpret images. We can tell it’s a person, but search engines can’t yet. Alt text helps users understand images. Alt text describes images when a website is slow to load and doesn’t upload them seo services in lahore.

Speed up site

Average time it takes for a web page to load when clicked. Page speed affects search engines and users. When your website loads slowly, visitors may leave. It tells search engines your website is unpopular.

Slow page speed raises bounce rate and hurts SEO. Your site’s rankings are directly affected by your page speed. How to speed up website? Optimize images first. We’ve already covered it.

Google page insights helps you measure page speed. Red, yellow, and green signals are emitted. Red means your page speed is slow, yellow means you should optimize it, and green means it’s adequate. Javascript is slower than HTML and CSS. Upper-level material shouldn’t use javascript.


When asked what the most crucial Google ranking criteria is. I’ll improve user experience. We improve user experience from design to content. If your site has good content, users will return, indicating a better user experience. It tells Google that visitors like your content or site, so it ranks you higher.

Google began rolling out page experience algorithms in mid-May 2021. Page experience will be Google’s top ranking factor in 2021. Core web vitals, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS-security, obtrusive interstitials, and safe browsing are part of the page experience algorithm. If you want to rank higher on Google in 2021 or later, strengthen these components.

Mobile indexes first

Mobile-first indexing is when Google indexes and ranks mobile content. On November 4, 2016, Google tested mobile-first indexing. Google updated all domains to mobile-first indexing on March 4, 2020. The Google bot began mobile-first crawling when the website was ready.

Consider whether your website is mobile-friendly if you have doubts. Google it. Enter your URL in a pop-up mobile-friendly test. It checks your website’s mobile-friendliness. You must optimize your site based on any issues or suggestions it displays. HTML/CSS-savvy developers can help.

Build a basic Url

URL structure is rarely considered. They didn’t value a clean URL. It’s vital for SEO. Google’s regulations address URL structure. Google recommended a simple URL. Create a legible URL for humans and search engines.

Avoid lengthy ID numbers in URLs. A URL like https://discoverwebtech.com/blog/google-discover-new-guidelines-updates/ is easy to understand and intriguing. A confusing URL like http://www.abc.com/index.php?id sezifne=480&kid=3a5dbc658f41dba6f687f730f1 is undesirable. Avoid underscores in URLs ( ). URLs encourage hyphens. Complex URLs can confuse spiders.

Backlink Evaluation

Google uses backlinks to rank pages. Internal and external backlinks exist. External links come from other websites.

Do follow and no follow backlinks are discuss. Dofollow links boost SEO and traffic. Nofollow links don’t pass link juice but can drive traffic. Unless no-follow is specified, every link is do-follow by default. Nofollow directs Google not to send this link, but people can use it.

Dofollow or nofollow? Many people are confused. Do follow links pass link juice, thus they’re preferred. Google advised nofollow links to combat spammy links online. Experts suggest we must balance them. Examine your backlinks quarterly to avoid spamming.

Use social signals

Social signals don’t affect SEO, yet incorporating them on your site is smart. Future users will want social signals, but you may include them anywhere on your site. Social signals tell search engines and consumers about your brand’s social media popularity. Social signals help users share your content with friends and family.


This blog covers all the major ranking factors. These basic SEO tips can boost website traffic in 2021 and beyond. Focus on substance always. Remember that you’re writing for users, not search engines. After creating content, SEO it.

User experience helps SEO performance. Google’s algorithm update affects user experience. Optimize for user experience. If you need help, SEO experts can improve your site for search engines. Follow the advise and act quickly to improve results. Please share it with those that want greater website visitors seo company in lahore. Thanks for reading!

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