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A vibrator’s power is controlled by two methods. Most models come with a rotating dial on the base that you can turn to change the speed. You can also buy vibrator models that have preprogrammed pulsations. It is possible to set the speed on the vibrator’s base or on the separate remote control by pressing a button. You can even select a pre-set pattern that quickly turns the vibe on and off.

Different types of vibrators

Once you’ve determined the size of your vibrator, it is time to think about the type of vibrator that will work best for you. Adult toys & sex toy suppliers in India suggest choosing a model based on your needs. Different types of vibrators are available, so that no matter what your needs are, there is likely a model available specifically for you, whether it’s a back massage, clitoral stimulation with a Rabbit Vibrator, or something for your G-Spot. Many women prefer multiple vibrators, each of which focuses on a specific part of the erogenous zone. Some vibrators have multiple erogenous zones, others have just a single zone.

Anal Vibrators

Only the anal tissues are exposed to the anal vibrators. In addition to being shorter and thinner than regular vibrators, anal vibrators have an extended base that makes them easier to remove. A nasal vibrator can have a length of four to six inches and a diameter of 0.75 to 1.25 inches.

The anus and vibrator itself need lots of lube when using an anal vibrator for smooth penetration. Anal vibrators should slide in and out with only very slight resistance if properly lubricated. You can insert a finger into the sphincter ring to loosen it slightly if it’s too tight. DO NOT FORCE IT IN. If it doesn’t work, stop using the anal vibrator. Repeat the finger exercises regularly for two weeks to lubricate the sphincter before retrying the anal vibrator.

The first time you use an anal vibrator, look for a smaller one or one marketed as a beginner’s model. It is better to avoid using a larger anal vibrator until you have gained the experience and knowledge to handle it. You can find one on the internet.

Bullet & Egg Vibrators

These vibrators are popular among adults due to their general-purpose nature. The vibrating parts of adult toys can also stimulate adults.

Usually, bullet vibrators measure 2 to 3 inches in length. Many come with a battery and a speed control built into the base. The remote control for egg vibrators usually connects to a small egg-sized device. A standard remote control for egg vibrators uses AAA or AA batteries. For vaginal insertion, females use egg vibrators whereas males use bullet vibrators.

Since bullet vibrators are small and without a cord, it is not a good idea to insert them into your vagina or anus because it may be difficult to retrieve them afterward. If you use a regular egg vibration device to stimulate your anus, there is a very high chance that the cord will break and you will be unable to retrieve the vibration. You can also find special egg vibrators with a strong cord or wire meant for anal use – just pay attention to the product description.

Butterfly Vibrators

To control the device, it is usually the top, and the batteries are typically watch batteries. Each egg vibrator has nine chambers. All are controlled by remote control, and they are approximately the size of an egg. In most cases, egg vibrators use normal AAA or AA batteries. Several women use egg vibrators for vaginal insertion and bullet vibrators to stimulate the erectile organ.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibrations are usually viewed as luxury items on the adult toy market. The cost of these vibrators tends to be higher, but they have a number of unique features. As opposed to butterfly vibrators, rabbit or beaver probes have long shafts that penetrate vaginally as well as stimulate the clitoral area. A few models also include separate speed controls for the vibrating shaft and clitoral stimulator. These shafts feature raised veins and pleasure nubs, similar to G-Spot vibrators. There are some top-of-the-line models with rotating tips, pistons that replicate actual thrusting, and the ability to connect to a computer.

G-Spot Vibrators

It is obvious if a vibrator is designed to strike your G-Spot by its shape. At the tip of the G-Spot vibrator is a distinctive curve that makes it easier to hit your G-Spot with every vibration. G-Spot’s tip is also fairly large, more like a penis than the rounded tip of a cylindrical vibrator. Most G-Spot vibrators are wider than cylindrical vibrators – measuring about 1 to 1.5 inches wide by 5 to 7 inches long on average.

Rabbit Vibrators

These Rabbit Vibrators use high-speed vibrations to stimulate the clitoris using two-pronged “bunny ears.”. Most women find the rabbit ears to be light and teasing, almost like a high-speed feather or tongue. Long shafts attached to the rabbit’s vibrators are used to stimulate the clitoral zone. Furthermore, many models include two separate speed controls – one for the vibrating shaft and one for the clitoral stimulation. Those shafts are decorated with pleasure nubs and raised veins to improve the user’s experience.

The vibrators for men

Despite the perception that vibrators are a women’s product, men can enjoy them in the same way. It can be highly relaxing on tense muscles to use one. It might surprise you how a man reacts to clitoral vibrating on his balls. Yet, there are vibrators exclusively for men.

Cock Ring Vibrators

Rings made of silicon or Cyberskin usually contain a bullet or egg vibrator attached. By restricting blood flow, a man can remain intense for longer periods of time while wearing the ring. It is possible to position the vibrator attached to the cock ring in a variety of ways. He might point it downwards to stimulate his balls, or he might point it at the clit of a woman. There are cock ring vibrators that stimulate both the clit and the ass simultaneously. With the positioning of the vibe and the endurance-enhancement of the cock ring, these items have tremendous potential.

Prostate Vibrators

They’re a cross between anal vibrators and G-Spot vibrators. It’s easy to reach the prostate with long, curved shafts that have a large tip for better stimulation. Many men are uncomfortable with the concept of prostate stimulation, but when coupled with just stroking the penis, prostate stimulation produces a more powerful and satisfying orgasm.

Realistic Vibrators

Instead of the nondescript cylinders made by G-Spot, realistic vibrators faithfully mimic a penis – from its head to its balls. Some of them are based on real-life models, including a number of adult stars. A Cyberskin-like material mimics the feel and consistency of real skin.

Waterproof Vibrators

A waterproof vibrator is a great way to make the bathtub time fun for you and your partner regardless of the situation. The combination of a shower massage and vigorous vibrations causes many women to experience a knee-shaking orgasm. With the help of a special plastic ring, you can use these models in the shower or pool with ease. These models are totally waterproof.

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