Why Kraft boxes are a good choice for custom vape packaging

custom vape boxes is on the rise and so needs packaging. Vapes can be packed in many different ways using a variety of materials. Kraft sheets are the most popular material for packaging vapes. It is ideal for vape boxes, and we will show you how to make custom vape boxes. Let’s get started.

What is a Kraft Sheet?

Kraft sheets are a famous organic paper used in the packaging industry. It is made using a process called sulfate pulping. It is lightweight but durable. He is ideal for packaging light- to medium-weight items. It’s also great for fragile packaging items such as vapes and other small gadgets.

There are many colors and types of Kraft sheets

Kraft sheets are light brown. It becomes white when it is bleached. You can coat or laminate Kraft sheets to increase their strength and enhance their appearance. People prefer to keep the Kraft sheet in its original colour. Sellers use its light brown colour to draw buyers and show that they use organic packaging.

Different types of Kraft sheets

Kraft sheets come in many different styles, and you can make your own. These are the most popular:

Standard Kraft Sheet: This is the most widely used and popular type of Kraft Sheet. It can be made from natural or recycled material.

Cultured Kraft Sheet:


Waxed Kraft Sheet: This sheet is used for packaging food. It can absorb oil stains and moisture as well as grease.
The poly-coated Kraft sheet is excellent for wrapping and covering metallic objects. It is resistant to water, oil and grease.

custom vape boxes
custom vape boxes

Kraft sheet with indentation: Another type of Kraft sheet for heavy-duty machinery, industrial components, and fragile items.

Why Kraft boxes are the best choice for custom vape packaging

Kraft sheets can be used to make perfect boxes for vape products. These are just a few of the reasons why it is so popular.

Vape is fragile:

A vape cartridge can be described as a thin tube of glass. It can break or be damaged if it is mishandled. It requires sturdy boxes that will keep it safe. Kraft boxes are the best choice because of their strength and character.

Protection against severe weather

We discovered that Kraft sheets are explicitly made to absorb heat, moisture and water. Vape also needs protection from the elements. Vape can be damaged by excessive heat, cold, and humidity. It is even more critical to protect the taste and profile of the cartridge if it has been filled with vape juice. Protect the vape with Kraft boxes


Kraft, despite its strength, is lightweight and easy to transport. Many times, the weight of the boxes makes it challenging to transport empty boxes around. Kraft boxes are lighter than other boxes. These boxes can be used to transport vape cartridges around the world.

Transport cost reduction:

You can reduce your transport costs by using lightweight Kraft boxes. The freight companies will charge you based on the weight of your goods. Freight costs will increase if the package is heavier than the weight. Kraft boxes offer relief. custom vape boxes are light in weight so that they won’t increase the weight of your consignment. This will help you save money, which will also be good for your business.

Kraft boxes are great for image building

Kraft boxes can help spread positive impressions of your company. People will know your company wherever your Kraft box is. Because we face environmental challenges, Kraft boxes are one way to encourage sustainable living.

They will be more attractive to customers

You can also attract more customers by using Kraft for custom vape packaging. Unique packaging would attract more customers. This packing would also appeal to buyers concerned about the environment and will ultimately purchase it.

Kraft Boxes look beautiful too:

Last but not least, we want to emphasize the aesthetic appeal Kraft boxes offer. They are unique and distinctive, but they also have a different look. They can be given a unique look by being adorned with vivid imagery and graphics. He can be embellished with different types and finishes of laminations, coats, or finishes. Below are some examples.




UV spot printing

Stamp foiling

Soft-touch finish

Glossy coat

Matte finish

They are beautiful and add beauty to the box.

Custom vape packaging made from Kraft boxes

It would help if you had a factory that could produce Kraft boxes. We like to discuss one of the many factories involved in this industry. Fast Custom Boxes is a trusted name in custom packaging. It can produce any custom box and provides full support for its customers. This is available to help you design the box or share 3D mockups. It is highly affordable and ships worldwide.


We tried to highlight the importance of Kraft sheets, especially when it comes to custom vape packaging. We are pleased to have succeeded in this endeavor. You now know why Kraft sheets are so well suited for vape packaging and the benefits that you can reap from this arrangement. This arrangement is a win-win for everyone. It’s a win-win situation. For your business, always choose eco-friendly vape cartridge packaging.

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