All You Need to Know about Sliding Door Wardrobes


It should come as no surprise that sliding doors are one of thesleekest and most space-efficient storage options, which is why many modern homes include them in their wardrobes. One of the first benefits of sliding wardrobes is that they can perfectly fit into any room’s size and shape.

The doors of these wardrobes slide effortlessly to both sides on roller wheels, unlike hinged doors, which have hinges attached to the closet. These are also attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe by metal channels. Nowadays, sliding window hardware suppliers have even introduced slider mechanisms that let both doors open simultaneously, but these take up much more room than a typical sliding wardrobe.

In modern homes, sliding door wardrobes provide a chic, space-saving storage option. They can fit well in any size or shape of the room and have a number of benefits. You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various options before deciding on the type of door for your wardrobe. Depending on your needs, usage, and convenience, you must choose one.

Here’s all that you need to know about sliding door cupboards.

                How does a Sliding Door Wardrobe work?

Contrary to wardrobes with hinged doors, sliding door hardware suppliers put a smooth mechanism in place, due to which the wardrobe doors slide side to side. These sliding doors move effortlessly along metal channels that are fastened to the bottom and top of the wardrobe along roller wheels. Some utilise a vertical slider mechanism that allows both doors to open simultaneously. Collapsible sliding doors that fold to one side like an accordion are another option.

                What are the Advantages of using Sliding Door Wardrobes?

  1. When you need to open them, they don’t take up any room or get in the way. Therefore, they function flawlessly in both large rooms and small spaces with limited floor space. For instance, a sliding door wardrobe is by far the best choice if your room is small and the wardrobe space is at the foot of the bed.
  2. Larger sliding door wardrobes give you more room for your clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. This is the best choice if you want a wardrobe that runs the entire length of your room.
  3. Certain sliding window hardware suppliers, such as LGF Sysmac, have perfected the slide mechanism for doors. Since the doors are not supported by hinges, they are more stable.
  4. Your room will appear larger if you have a sliding door wardrobe with a mirror on the front.
  5. They are available in a variety of styles that can be matched with your room’s decor. They can be made out of blockboard, MDF, opaque or frosted glass, veneer, with or without a mirror, and in a variety of other materials.

Here are some of the most useful tips you must keep in mind while opting for a sliding door wardrobe:

  • Make sure the room has enough space for the sliding wardrobe before making your selection.
  • You must choose how many doors you want to buy in addition to measuring the size of your current doors.
  • Make sure you get the measurements correct if you are remodelling and buying new doors for your existing space because doors that don’t fit will have a lot of gaps.
  • When selecting a sliding wardrobe, you must also take accessibility into account because the size will depend on what you plan to store. Think about how many drawers and shelves you’ll need, and make sure they’re accessible and won’t obstruct the doors.

One of the best recent innovations in modular wardrobes is the sliding wardrobe. They give your space the ideal combination of functional storage and elegant interiors. A sliding wardrobe is a wise purchase that will make your life easier and your house more elegant.

You can choose from a wide selection of current designs and finishes at LGF Sysmac, one of the best sliding door hardware manufacturers in the country. Both functionality and aesthetics are given equal importance in our designs. We assist you in identifying your design preferences so that your interiors can reflect your personal taste. Today, the ideal wardrobe is only a phone call away.


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