A mesmerising experience- Andharban Trek

Location: Pimpri, Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra

Trek duration: 1 Day

Trek time: 5 hours (approximately)

Trek trail: 13 kilometres

Altitude: 2,160 ft

Base camp: Independence point

Difficulty level: Moderately difficult.

Major attractions of the Trek

  • The lush green stretch throughout the route is a true treat for the admirers of nature.
  • The gushing waterfalls are something that can take your breath away and leave you spellbound.
  • The evergreen Sahyadri hills with dense forest covered in the mist gives an exceptional view of nature.
  • A day with absolute nature away from any kind of human habilitation. It would be just you and your fellow trekkers.
  • You may encounter varied unique species of flora and fauna and birds. 
  • The trek is a descending trail throughout the way.

About the trek 

The Andhraban trek is one of the most surreal treks during which one is always accompanied by the greens of nature. As the name suggests, Andhra means dark or dense and the word ban stands for forest, the route is a cut through the dense forests Kundalika valley. The trek being amidst the dense forest offers a huge encounter with the varieties of flora and fauna. Many unique species of birds like the dwarf kingfisher, chaatak, minivents along with  the Indian Giant Squirrel can be spotted around. So if you’re into wildlife then this trek is definitely a big thumbs-up.

This moderately difficult trek is the one which can be considered as both a day trek and a night trek. Though the night trek requires more precautions and attention because just a bit of wrong path may cause you to wander in the Kundalika valley. So it is rather best to take the trek early in the morning and enjoy the route to the fullest.

The trek is divided into two parts with a refreshment break at Bhirdi village. The first half of the trek is completely covered with dense trees and a number of streams running downwards. One also enjoys the backwaters of Bira Dam during the trek. The path cuts by a wall adjoining the Pimpri dam and further the route is between poppy fields on both sides.One gets the stunning views of dark forest and Kundalika valley.

Best time to visit- Monsoon, pre monsoon and right after the monsoon are significantly the best time to visit the place. The blooming green forests during this time is the most refreshing experience one can come across. Taking this trek from October to January can also be a great experience of dense forest with the winter mist. The chills of the forest will make you feel the nip in the air. 

How to get there

  • Railway Station: The nearest railway station is Lonavala approximately 50 kilometres away from the Pimpri Village. Lonavala has a great connectivity from both Pune and Mumbai.
  • Road: A bus or cab can easily drive you to Lonavala. You  can reach the base camp easily from a self-driving car straight from Mumbai.
  • One can take a private cab from Lonavala railway station to the Pimpri Village which is about a 50 km drive.

Spot of interest during the trek

  • Tamhini

The Tamhini attraction is one of the major key places of the trek. The Tamhini waterfalls are one of the much appealing spots of the trek followed by Devkund waterfall and Hemant waterfall which are a few kilometres from the Pimpri. The Tamhini Ghat view point and the Tamhini hill top are also one notable spot to explore.

  • Rafting in Kundalika 

This is also one of the major and of its kind of attraction. Among the numerous treks present across Maharashtra, hills of Western ghats and Deccan plateau, this trek is the one offering an adventure sport that is much renowned in the youth of today- Rafting. 

One gets to experience this absolute adventure 10 to 15 kilometres away from Tamhini Ghat in the Kundalika river.

Things to bring along

  • Some quickies and light snacks to munch on the way
  • Water bottle ( maximum possible capacity)
  • Some basic medicine and a compact first aid kit
  • Umbrella or raincoat
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Your best sport shoes to make your trek enjoyable and comfortable.

Every trek comes up with a unique experience for everyone. There’s much more than mentioned in any article or magazine. So, put a full stop to your planning mood and take a step right now! A trek is always better experienced than read.

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