How to easily draw a hawk step by step – an easy animal to attract

How to easily draw a hawk step by step – an easy animal to attract

With this video and step-by-step drawing instructions, how to draw a hawk easily. Animals are easy to prepare for children. 

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Step 1

Start scaring the hawk head. Draw a “U” upside down. In the upper left corner, add a small pointed pin. My point is just below.

Step 2

Pull the big round eyes right behind the ear. Add a small stream under the beak to make a mouth. There is a curve almost to the right of the letter “U.”

Step 3

Next, draw a long curve towards the back. It starts at the top right and curves outwards and slightly down.

Step 4

From the bottom of the headline on the left, the abdomen is shown rotating downwards with a small bump under the legs. Now add the wings. Start at the very bottom of the head and make a strong curve of the arm almost to the abdominal canal and down an angle with the abdominal canal. The lower part of the arm extends from the back to the bottom. It then bends upwards to connect with the following line.

Step 5

Stretch the claws on the leg below the abdomen. The front of the front leg has two sharp claws, and the back has a sharp claw. The other leg is slightly behind the first leg. Insert the toe into the back of the foot. Add some long tail feathers to the lower part of the arm. Dim roads along the back roads.

Step 6

Draw two lines at the end to make a branch for Hawk to Perch. 

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