A Comprehensive Buying Guide For Sunshades For SUV

SUVs are quickly becoming popular. In fact, they are overtaking the other car types due to their efficiency and class. The fusion of sports utility with ultimate luxury makes them a favored car type. Added space works as a cherry on top for families. The car itself comes with all the luxury specs that one could ask for. But there is one inevitable issue that lowers the traveling experience even in the finest of cars. Heat gain, that is!

It seems like the sun has special malice for cars. Whether the car is parked or moving on the road, the sun heats it up. In fact, it feels hotter inside the car than it actually is. The air conditioning system is employed in this case. But you could feel the difference in the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. The only way to ditch this issue is to minimize the heat gain as much as you can. Employing car sun shades is the most popular and effective solution for this problem. In this discussion, we will talk about the things that you should consider for buying the right sunshades for SUVs and other cars as well. 

Measure The Windows Properly 

Although sun shades come in a variety of sizes, it is still important to know the exact dimensions for your use. Even a small difference in measurement can render the car sun protector unfit for use. For SUVs, the number of windows is more than that in a standard car and every set of windows is of a different size. The sun shades are usually designed according to the model of the car considering all the limitations and measurements of the specific model. If you are going to buy from a well-known brand, the task would be easy for you. However, for a local buy, you would need to be careful about the measurements. 

The best way is to measure the windows. Note the dimensions and double-check the figures by measuring the windows again. With the right measurements in hand, you would easily find the window shade. With the accurate measurements in hand,  you would also be able to evaluate if you need a custom sun shade

Check The Product Size Chart Carefully 

Every company provides a detailed size chart with their products. Usually, the car window sun shades come in sets according to the car model. However, it still is very important to check the size chart. Verify the car window measurements with the given size chart. Check the specifications and then proceed on to the next step in your purchase. 

Consider The Price Range 

The budget is a consideration that is unique to everyone. Luckily, car window shades are quite inexpensive accessories. You can easily buy them for under $20. But you still need to identify and set a budget before going out on a car sun shade hunt because different types of multi-purpose shades are on the market these days. With every additional feature, the price goes up. You can also get custom sun shades. However, if you frequently get new window sun shades then you might not want to invest in a rather expensive car window shade. Understand your utility to buy the best sunshade for an SUV. 

Evaluate Your Individual Requirements

The conditions and requirements vary from person to person. A person living in a region where there is rarely a show of sun wouldn’t actually need the sunshade for a car. On the other hand, someone living in a hotter area would need to put up the side window covers almost all the time. Similarly, a car that is parked in the sun all the time would require extensive measures to resist heat gain. While heat gain would not be an issue for a car parked under the roof. So it’s important to take your personal requirements into account. Nowadays special sun shades are available for cars that are parked most of the time and for cars that are on the road all the time. You can also get custom sun shades to cater to your individual needs. 

Analyze The Storage Type For Sun Shades 

Sun shades are an accessory that is important but not always in use. You don’t need them for nighttime driving or when the weather is pleasant, so you should be able to store them in an efficient manner. SUVs are more spacious as compared to standard cars so there won’t be a storage issue. But it’s better to check the storage specifications according to your use. Most car window sun shades come with dedicated storage bags that can be put anywhere in the cars. For a more compact and smart option, you can buy foldable sun shades. 

Inspect The Complementary Features

Car shades come with some additional features as well. For instance, reflective technology, complimentary non-slip dashboard mats, and anti-glare coating are some of the features of different sun shades. Analyze the features properly and then go ahead to buy the product. 

Final Words

Car window shades are an important accessory. In order to find the best sun shade for SUVs makes sure to be mindful of the above-mentioned factors. 

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