5 Types of bandhani saree to wear to look completely Rajasthani

If you are from north India, you know the popularity of the bandhani saree. The bandhani or bandhej saree is the icon of Rajasthan and Gujarat, and it is the staple women wear in Rajasthan. The complete outfit showcases the art, culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The bandhej saree has a long brief history, and it is said to reside from the time of the Indus valley civilization. The beautiful bandhani saree comes with unique handmade intricate designs. These amazing designs are created by tying tiny sections on the clothes, later dyed to convert them into designs. The beautiful design varies differently based on the variety of bandhani saree. To help you go more in-depth below, we will discuss the various types of bandhani saree along with this we will also discuss how much importance it has created in our culture.

Importance of bandhani saree in Indian CultureCulture. 

Bandhani sarees play an essential role in the tradition and culture of our country. The popular saree is entirely made using the hand and requires alot of patience, skill and effort. The bandhani saree resulted in many steps that finally led to the creation of fantastic production. An authentic bandhani saree is completely made using a natural product. From organic cotton to the natural colors for dyeing, all the steps are still done with the human hands. 

Most of the bandhani saree work takes place in Gujarat and Rajasthan. For them, the bandhani saree is not fashion. It’s an emotion that helps them connecting them with the future. 

Types of Bandhani Saree in India 

Down below is the list of the top 5 popular types of bandhani saree which you should wear. 

  1. Gujarati Bandhani Saree

The first popular bandhani saree is the Gujarati bandhani saree, and it is the most authentic form of bandhani saree you can get as of now in India. The main attraction of this saree is the beautiful combination of red and green colors which comes with beautiful white color intricate designs. These squares are created by tying different sections of the saree using tiny thread knots. You can buy online bandhani saree with the Gujarati print from Kutchibazaar. They have exclusive designs which are made with the limited quantity making it premium who so ever buys it. 

  1. Jodhpuri bandhej saree 

The next bandhej saree has its roots in the Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. The beautiful saree is made using the old age technique. The beautiful combination of red and pink color makes this bandhani saree perfect for all occasions. This saree also comes with the famous white color dots, which entirely cover the saree. The beautiful zari border on the pallu on this bandhej saree makes it limelight for the event. 

  1. Embroidery Bandhani Saree 

If you are looking for a bandhani saree, you can wear it on a wedding occasion. The embroidery bandhani saree is the ideal choice. The fantastic combination of white and red colors completes the essential requirement and makes it the best bandhani saree for the wedding. The most exciting part about this saree is the beautiful embroidery work done on the pallu of the bandhani saree. The complete work on this saree gives the beautiful grand look making it different from any other type of saree. 

  1. Bandhani saree with Gota Work 

The following popular bandhani saree type is the bandhej saree with the finishing of Gota work. The Gota work on the bandhani saree uplifts the complete look of the saree. The saree suits the crepe design blouse, which has Gota work on it. 

  1. Bandhani saree with Ajrakh print

Last but not least, this popular type of bandhani saree comes with a combination of Ajrakh print. Talking the Ajrakh, it is the oldest and most popular hand block printing technique. Beautiful handcrafted wooden blocks are used to create a beautiful design once the finishing of the bandhani is done. 




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