Why Should You Upgrade to SAN Storage?

Enterprises are in need of a san storage solution that is fast, agile, reliable and also secure. Enterprises need a storage solution on which they can depend on.

The storage solution must handle all the data storage needs of the enterprise. Not only this but the enterprise should feel confident about their data storage.

SAN storage solution checks all the boxes. It offers reliable and secure data storage among many other benefits.

SAN Storage is Reliable

SAN is famous for reliability. SAN storage always comes in the conversation when reliability and fault-tolerance come up.

The reason behind this is that SAN storage offers fault-tolerance and high availability.

This means that enterprises can depend on SAN storage solutions. Enterprises know that their applications will stay up without any disruption. The reliability track record of SAN backs this up.

SAN Storage is Fast

it  offers high performance. It is a fact. In fact, many enterprises choose SAN storage for its speed and performance.

Enterprises that are looking for a fast and reliable storage solution, go for SAN storage.

This is especially true with a FC (Fibre Channel) SAN storage appliance. Enterprises can install high performance SSDs and processors. This can further boost performance.

This is ideal for enterprises that cannot compromise on performance.

SAN Storage is Safe & Secure

Security of SAN storage renowned. SAN storage appliance nowadays come with many data security features.

For instance, vendors, like StoneFly, offer advanced data protection features. Features such as; military-grade encryption, immutable snapshots and more.

Storage Optimization with SAN Storage

SAN storage solutions offer storage optimization as well. They offer many useful storage optimization features. Features such as; data deduplication, thin provisioning and more.

Data deduplication removes redundant copies of data and reduces storage space. This not only saves storage space but also save storage upgrade costs.

Thin provisioning reclaims any unused storage space. It also provisions storage for new storage needs.

SAN storage

SAN Storage is Easy to Scale

SAN storage solutions are scalable and are easy to scale.  Enterprises can add more storage nodes to add more storage. Enterprises can also add more performance nodes to add more computing power.

This is a convenient option for enterprises. This means that they can start off small and scale up in future to meet their needs.

This way, if their requirements increase, they can always scale up. While staying in the same namespace.

To Conclude

SAN storage is popular all over the world. The reason behind this is that it is reliable, fast and secure. SAN storage offers many storage-optimization features. And it gives enterprises to scale up and scale out as needed.

This makes SAN storage a popular option in the market. Which is one of the many reasons why enterprises are upgrading to it.


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