What are the different types of forklift attachments?

Forklifts are a powerful and versatile piece of equipment. They can be used for lifting, moving and transporting materials in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and other work environments. Many different types of forklift attachments allow you to customise your forklift according to your needs.

– Side shift carriage

A side shift carriage is an attachment that allows the forklift to move sideways. This is great for moving pallets around a warehouse and loading and unloading them into trucks.

It can also move materials between a truck and your warehouse.

– Rotating carriage

A rotating carriage is a forklift attachment attached to your forklift’s forks, and it rotates around the forks to help lift heavy objects. The rotating carriage allows you to lift loads too heavy for the forks safely. This accessory can be used indoors and outdoors, and it has a safe working load of up to 1,000 lbs (454 kg).

You’ll find this accessory helpful when moving large objects like shipping containers and pallets.

– Forklift tines

Tines can pick up pallets, boxes and other objects like barrows. Tines are a simple attachment that sits on the forks of the forklift, picking up the load and holding it in place while the vehicle moves around.

– Box clamp attachments

  • Box clamp attachments
  • These are used to lift boxes and crates. The box clamp attachment is ideal for transporting heavy objects, such as pallets, crates and other large items. They are also used in warehouses or manufacturing facilities where they can be used on forklifts or other lifting equipment to transport heavy objects.

– Barrel clamps

Barrel clamps are used to secure barrels and pallets. They can also be used to secure other containers and materials, such as plastic pipes or steel beams. This type of forklift attachment is commonly used in the food and beverage industry for shipping barrels, bottles and glass jars.

– Side Shifter attachment

A side shifter is a device that attaches to the forklift and allows it to move sideways. This can be used to move pallets of materials or load and unload trucks.

– Push/pull attachment

The push/pull attachment is used to move objects. The forklift can push or pull objects, depending on your need. This is a valuable attachment for moving heavy objects across flat surfaces such as warehouses or factories. Still, it can also be used when moving something from one place to another.

A forklift is a versatile piece of machinery that can be used for multiple functions using different attachments.

A forklift is a versatile piece of machinery that can be used for multiple functions using different attachments. You can find forklift attachments on the front or back of a forklift, depending on its purpose and use.

  • Front-mounted attachments are used for lifting and moving heavy objects from side to side. They’re usually attached to the front of the forks and offer quick access to items without moving your machine.
  • Rear-mounted attachments are used primarily for loading and unloading trucks or containers; they may also be used as part of an assembly line process in manufacturing plants. The most common type of rear-mounted attachment is a pallet handler because it moves pallets around quickly and efficiently within warehouses or other industrial settings (and even onto trucks when necessary).


A forklift is a versatile piece of machinery that can be used for multiple functions using different attachments. The most common types are sided shift carriages, rotating carriages and box clamps, but many more options are available for specialised jobs.

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