Tips to Fix Brother Printer Error 32 Instantly

Brother Printer is a leading company in the field of high-quality printing machinery. They produce high-quality printers and also have some unique features. There are many errors that can occur when using Brother Printers. Brother Printer error 32 and Brother printer is offline can be a common printer error that you may encounter. The printer LCD screen displays a message that says “Print unable 32” or “Machine error 32”. We will investigate this issue today and try to find a solution. Let’s first look at some possible causes of this error.

Brother Printer Error 32: Why You Need to Look Out

From the printer’s perspective, this issue is usually a hardware issue. The issue is mostly paper-related. It’s caused by a sensor called “flapper” on the main printer’s side. This sensor sticks to the paper and causes the issue to pop up. The sticky issue is caused by foam-padded material.

If you’re stuck and cannot use your printer because of this problem, you might consider the following steps. Let’s take a look at some possible solutions to this problem.

How to Fix Brother Printer Error 32

We have looked at the causes. Let’s now take a look at the possible solutions. Turn off the power button on the side. Next, open the front cover. Next, remove the drum unit. Follow these steps:

  • Grab the handle unit for the green drum and lift it. To do this, pull out the grey lock lever located on the left side. (Do not touch the drum unit’s sides).
  • Place the drum on a clean, flat surface.
  • Remove the drum and check the printer for any paper. The drum unit’s toner cartridges should be removed from the four exposed spots.
  • Examine for paper blockage and back rollers. Turn the drum unit and reinstall the toner cartridge. The label color on the drum unit should match the toner cartridge. Please remove the waste cartridge box by using a green handle
  • To check if any papers are stuck near the roller at the extremity of the printer’s back, look at its back. Turn on the printer to confirm that the Error 32 message still flashes.

Additional Tips: Do not use sharp objects to remove stuck papers. Don’t touch the inner parts, as they can become extremely hot.

These are some quick fixes for this error. This will work with any printer. It will work with any printer.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Errors

To ensure your printer is compatible, download the most recent printer drivers. You must ensure that no third-party programs are running in the background. To stop the third-party program from running, press ‘end task’. Make sure your printer and computer are protected so you don’t get interrupted in your work.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to deal with Brother printer error 32. It is better to contact professionals. This would be the best decision you could make. To get expert assistance regarding the problem you are having, contact our support team.

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