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The hair and body hygiene of a child is essential for various reasons. It helps prevent unwanted rashes or sicknesses due to germs. A kid below the age of six has extremely delicate skin and hair. The parent must consult their pediatrician and suggest what bath care products to avoid and what is preferable. Kids bath products from popular brands make gentle cleansers and shampoos using clean and natural ingredients that are safe for children.

Apart from the brand name, there are other necessary criteria that parents must check for while using a product on the sensitive skin and hair of the child. The ideal bathing and skincare products consist of the following:

  • Mild soap cleanser
  • Gentle shampoo
  • Nourishing conditioner
  • Hydrating moisturizer

The following section will explain in detail what to look for in soaps and shampoos for children around five years old.

Tips on buying the best cleansing and moisturizing products for five-year-olds:

Over a hundred brands online for kids’ bath and skin care products market their services as clean and ethically sourced. Sometimes these claims can be false and a marketing gimmick for parents to click on the links and purchase over-priced items that could be harmful. Parents must hence, do their thorough research and follow the tips below to invest in the best-quality bathing and skincare products for kids five years and above:

  • Read the ingredient list: The most critical factor parents must check for in a skin or hair product marketed for children is the constituents. The product must be cosmetics law approved and only then distributed to the consumers for sale. The ingredient list for any product will be available on the website. Parents must look for harmful ingredients like Parabens and silicones that must not be present in bathing products for children. It can cause irritation or red patches that can convert to infectious rashes. Products from reputable brands use clean ingredients like water, fruit extracts, and oils. These brands adhere to the cosmetic law and make allergen-free products for every child’s requirement.
  • Customer reviews: The main testament to the authenticity of the children bathing products online is through reviews. The brand’s website will have a feedback section where parents leave their happy reviews or complaints. Parents must first consult their kid’s doctor and then browse the website of any kid’s bathing item brand they prefer. Instead of going to the first website, reading the reviews, and purchasing the bath product set, parents must visit multiple brands and review every feedback given. They will help them differentiate each brand and then decide where to purchase their soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in the long run.
  • No-tear formulation and clinically tested products: A brand manufacturing kids’ bath products’ reputation depends on the safety of product usage. Parents must check if the brand has their shampoos, conditioners, and soaps tested clinically and safely. These products must be cruelty-free and vegan. Few shampoos and soaps have chemicals that irritate the child’s eyes while taking a bath. It is necessary to make products that are not only gentle on the skin but also gentle on the eyes. The formulation must contain gentle ingredients like aloe vera, natural oils, fruit or vegetable extracts, and more. Doing a small patch test before using many products to bathe the kid is best.

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