The Best Free Activities In Your City



If you are hitting on a beach, there are many free activities to be indulged in. Some good free activities involve sunbathing, strolling, swimming and reading so that you can keep yourself entertained for days. But to do these things in your city does not come free and require a lot of money to invest in.


The Top Free Activities In Your City


  1. Engage in a free walking tour
  2. Discover the markets
  3. Visit free museums and galleries
  4. Socialise with the locals


When you are residing in your city, it will require a lot of cash from your pocket to spend in. There are a lot of things to keep a note of, as plenty of places with entrance fees, several attractions, many things to buy, a great number of eateries to eat, etc. Check out Pickyourtrail to book one of the best Dubai trip packages and also customise your Dubai itinerary according to your wish.

  • Engage in a free walking tour


It is known to all that you can engage in a free walking tour of your city. Many companies offer you a free walking tour. As you walk through the city, explore its culture and diversified nature. Know more about your city with the help of an informative local tour guide by your side. Some of these tours start from hostels and hotels or even begin after meeting at the centre of the city, so don’t wait more and indulge in such tours.


Offer a tip or two to the guide, and they will devotedly tell you about the story of your city. These also mean that free tours are better than paid ones, and they hold the importance of tourists with all their heart. Remember – to receive a good experience, it is also better to tip the guide.


If there is no free walking tour available to you, download a walking tour app.

  • Discover the markets


What is better to know about the life of the city than to wander inside its local marke?. Markets are always a better option to buy attractive souvenirs of arts and crafts stands, indulge in flavours and aromas of fresh food and also the fine lining of clothes.


Sample a bite or two while you are on your way around the market. Either sample cheese at a dairy stand in the Borough Market in London or relish a regional ham at a stand in the La Boqueria Market in Barcelona. Don’t eat more and indulge in the great flavour of your city with free food.

  • Visit free museums and galleries


In Dubai, Naif Museum, Coin Museum, Coffee Museum, Dubai Police Museum and others have free entry. However, it is not the same case for museums in every city. Nevertheless, there is at least one or two free museums or galleries in every city to look into. For example, it is hard to get into the world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris without a ticket, but that does not mean you cannot get free entry into the Carnavalet Museum of the city. The museum is solely dedicated to the extraordinary history of Paris.


If you are in a city where visiting galleries and museums are not free, it is best to get a city pass card. These passes generally cost around 30 Euros for two days, and they show you a major part of the city like galleries and museums. It is better to take public transport, such as a boat or a bus. Most of the time, you will find them accompanied by a booklet including full discounts for restaurants and bars.


If you are a blogger, with a press pass, you can get free access to these museums.

  • Socialise with the locals


If you are getting bored, it is always better to talk to local people and socialise with them. In Dubai, all the Emiratis are friendly and knowledgeable. Don’t feel shy and gather up all the information from them. They are surprisingly more well-informed than guidebooks.


A small tip – hotel receptionists and old chatty men are meant to be the best local guides. Small cities, such as Indiana and Anderson have many extraordinary destinations, so indulge your time chatting up with locals to know more about your city’s unique corners.


I hope this article is informative enough to know about the best free activities in your city. You will be astonished to find out how many unbelieving places your city holds. Check out Pickyourtrail to know about the Dubai tour package. Even customise your Dubai itinerary according to your style.

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