The 6 Best Reasons to Use Content Pillars in Social

What should I post today?

A one to which each social media professional struggles with each day!

A job as a social media manager is a tough one and there’s no Instagram Followers Malaysia two answers to it. From the creation of content to monitoring the quality of the posts performing it can be difficult.

What else can one do?

Do you want to know how to develop your amazing Content marketing plan? Apart from emails, blogs and social media posts. There’s something bigger that could generate an enormous quantity of content. Explore the possibilities!

Two words Content Pillar.

Content Pillar is regarded as the best strategy for marketing content because it is focused on the particular theme or subject rather than keywords. This implies that you can make large quantities of content with a single topic. This can benefit your specific users as well as search engine.

If you’ve just stepped your first step into the world of digital marketing and haven’t been exposed to Content Pillars then you’ve found the right spot. In this article, we’ll discuss the various pillars of content and the major benefits of using them. When you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be tempted to design one for your own website as well.

Let’s start!

What are Content Pillars?

Content Pillars are the educational elements of content that follow a particular theme. They can also be broken down into smaller pieces of related sections and other materials. For instance, a Content Pillar might include E-books guides, or reports.

It is possible to make use of the specific pieces of content pillars as fuel to fire up the social media platforms you’re trying to master. It’s much easier to break the content you write into small chunks and then turn it into informationgraphic, blog article tweets, or social media posts that will grab your reader’s attention.

Content pillars are considered to be powerful content, not just for marketing strategies, but also to optimize Search Engines.

Search engines are always looking for the content pillars, and can help to rank you in a high place on results pages.

Wondering how?

Since these pillar content provide a large portion of information related to the particular theme or subject, it can help you write meaningful content.

Content pillars are where Content pillars step into play, since they are a great means to increase your SEO. It’s also a fantastic method to drive a huge amount of visitors to your site.

Content Pillars Categories

Content Pillars are further subdivided into four categories

  • Inspirational
  • Promotional
  • Educational
  • Story

Let’s talk about each!


Inspiring enough to draw your target group of

Shows the brand’s or the value of your product

Making a scroll stopping content that enthuses your audience

Find your way to community involvement


Using Call to Actions

Define your product’s offering briefly

Your brand’s name or products advantages and benefits


Offers your vast experience and experience in the area

Reduces the complexity of the process

Your readers would be delighted to hear about all the experiences and information you have gained from

The most important thing is to provide your followers with a compelling incentive to be following your brand.


Your team should be introduced to viewers, and let them know that people work behind the screen not bots.

Inform them about what goes on in the background.

Create a lasting connection with your public

It is imperative to share your “WHYs.’

All of them are excellent categories of a content Pillar. We’ll now look at the examples of the content pillars.

Let’s look at a few examples of content pillars.


Comprehensive reports

Guides for novices

Video content that is brief and explained

Why Content Pillars?

The most important reason is because content pillars can help you navigate within the crowded field of online marketing. The reason you must make an effective content pillar

The content pillar includes all the information that is detailed to answer questions to solving a dilemma. It provides precise details.

It’s a much more extensive and comprehensive one when in comparison to other materials.

In addition, it’s an excellent resource for the right content strategy to help produce amazing, long and highly valuable content.

Here are the main factors to consider. Moving on to the various types of content the pillars.

Types of Content Pillars

We’ve discussed of the content pillars and categories, and the reasons why you should select an underlying content pillar. Let’s take a examine the different kinds of content pillars that you should create to help rank your website.

There are a variety of content pillars. However, we’ll be jotting down the most commonly used kinds.

Ultimate Guide Pillar Pages

The title itself is the ultimate guidebook, which covers a parent’s topic and subtopics. It is said to constitute a complete reference on the subject matter.

Product/Services Pillar Page

Pillar pages for products or services are a lot like the most comprehensive guide, but they focus more on showcasing the products and services offered by your company.

Resources Pillar Page

The pages on the Resources pillar are a comprehensive list of resources that are valuable to your intended audience. This includes tools such as statistics, case studies and many more. You can also create a schedule for LinkedIn posts.

Reasons to Use Content Pillars

There are numerous reasons to make use of pillar content on your social media or website. However, the most important reason is that it gives all relevant details about the specific subject or theme in one central location. It is not necessary to move and switch tabs in order to find for the various aspects related to the topic. The brief details in one location.

Content Pillar Saves your Time

Are you wondering how Content Pillar can help you save time?

It helps you split your time into specific topics and it emphasizes the creation of visually appealing pieces of content. It is therefore more effective to focus on your particular topic or topic rather than making diverse content every day on your social media platforms. When you are creating content for pillars, you’ll realize how much time you’ll need to spend creating lengthy chatty bits of content.

Content Spread

The most appealing aspect of the content foundation is that it allows your content spread. However good the content’s quality it is not a good idea to be reading the exact same content repeatedly. You must add interest to your content in order to create a more enjoyable and useful for the people you are targeting.

Once you’ve made the content platform, you will be able to effortlessly distribute your content using the aid by using your calendar for content. Create your content pillar’s schedule in your calendar of content using the social media management tool and then allow it to post to your social media channels. Post content pillars to your target audience to ensure that they will spend longer on your social media pages and be more engaged with your content.

Produce Enough Quality Content

When it comes to creating quality content, it’s quite difficult for social media marketers to come up with innovative ideas that will draw attention to their followers. The process of posting content on every social media platform can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, why not make the content pillar to cover every relevant piece of information you’ll need into one document.

After you’ve created a long content pillar, you are able to quickly schedule and share it to your social media channels. Produce quality content on your social media channels. You can also schedule your content with social media tools such as Buffer, and schedule your content at the time you prefer.

Easy to Convey

While Content Pillars can be long and elaborate but the greatest benefit is the ease to communicate your message through them. You can break up your pieces of content into subtopics, so that your viewers will be able to get the most value from it in a short time. Content pillars can help you communicate your ideas in a more effective manner. It helps create a feeling of connection between you and your target audience.

Cycle of Success

We all want to be successful each day. Content pillars can be a fantastic method to determine your content that is performing better. Who wouldn’t want the answer to their issue? In the process of creating and implementing the content pillar it is possible to quickly increase the speed of your content.

The best method to promote the content you have pillared is to make use of an online content calendar for social networks. It will narrow down your dates, times and what content pillar you must make use of this week. One thing to keep in mind! Be sure that your content resonates with the audience you are targeting.

Increase Domain Authority

Looking for ways to use content pillars to improve the domain authority of your website?

In most cases, Google ranks those blogs on the first page that are unique and comprise all pertinent connections to your blog. It is essential to include authentic hyperlinks within Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia your content pillars in order to boost the authority of your domain to achieve positive results. The more you include precise hyperlinks in your pillars the higher your website’s authority on domains.

Final Thoughts!

If you want to maintain you social media profile then you must consider your content pillars. They save you time, enables you to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns with the help of content spread. It provides enough quality and engaging content that will attract your target public, a simple and genuine means of communicating, assists to increase the domain authority of your site and finally the complete cycle of achievement.

Instead of focusing on creating content for each of your social media channels individually It is better to put enough time and money into the subject or theme of your choice.

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