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Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Medical Centers Make

“Today Social Media Marketing have work” is what those who cannot use this marketing tool to promote their company say. It is not. Proper use of Social Media Marketing can give good results in increasing company awareness and attracting new customers. Every day, about 7.5 million search queries are devoted to health and medical topics. This suggests that there is a demand for medical centers. But for Social Media Marketing to “earn” and give results, you need to know what and how to do it. And it is equally important to know what is better not to do and what mistakes are better to avoid.

This article will look at the most common Social Media Marketing mistakes that prevent healthcare companies from properly using social networks.


  1. Identifying with your target audience
  2. Vague language or text that does not resonate with the client
  3. Fear that colleagues will judge you or not understand you
  4. Complex scientific texts

5. The abundance of untargeted posts

  1. Thinking that social media promotion is free
  2. Using someone else’s content
  3. Using advertising tools without studying them
  4. Giving too much advertising

10 Forgetting to put the logo and company name on images

Identifying with your target audience

A common mistake a medical marketing agency make is assuming that your audience thinks the same as you and knows the same. You need to understand who your target audience is, what materials they are interested in, and in what format the information will be better perceived. The people reading your pages, for the most part, do not have a medical education. They do not know what kind of product or service you have or its uniqueness and advantages. And your task is to understand how best to convey this information to a potential client.

Vague language or text that does not resonate with the client

You must try to explain the idea you want to convey as clearly and understandably as possible. For example, tell about a service or drug, offer a new product, or a specific discount so that a non-medical person can read and immediately understand what you offer and why he needs it. Your posts and your advertisements should be understandable even to your grandmother. Before publishing them on friends unrelated to medicine, you can test them on social networks.

Fear that colleagues will judge you or not understand you

Medical companies in the presentation of information are often guided by their colleagues, and they are afraid that too simple a presentation will cause condemnation and misunderstanding in the medical environment. But medical social media marketing content is designed not for colleagues but your potential customers. Therefore, when selecting materials, first of all, you need to think about your readers.

Complex scientific texts

Very often, medical profiles in social networks “sin” because they provide information in an overly scientific way, using special terminology and complex descriptions that are not understandable to an ordinary person. Many are embarrassed to state simply that they are afraid it will look too primitive from the outside. They fear patients will suspect them of unprofessionalism because of their simplicity.

A simple and understandable presentation is the best format for social networks. Your task is to hook the client and explain that you have a service or product he needs and can help him with his medical problem. However, if your text is too “smart” with an abundance of special terminology, you may not be understood, and your competitor will be chosen.

The abundance of inappropriate posts

Pages of medical companies on social networks “produce” medical content. It is for him that they will subscribe to you. Posts with cats and wishes for a good day do not look very appropriate on such pages. In principle, they are possible as a one-time occurrence but not needed regularly.

You need to understand why social networks are for your business. They should be part of the company’s overall marketing plan. It’s better to approach social media from a sales point of view. Of course, quick sales through social networks are unlikely. But with their help, you can find a client, hook him, and become familiar with him so that he remembers you when he gets sick or when there is a need for your drug or your examination. You must make sure that he chooses you when he needs medical care, a service, or a product. This can be done through interesting, expert content that provides important and relevant profile information.

Thinking social media promotion is free

It is impossible to promote a product on social networks without investments. There are dozens and hundreds of companies similar to you with the same or similar products on social networks. To get noticed, you need to invest in promotion.

Social networks give organic reach only to those who interact with you often. But who will interact with the clinic, which, for example, treats urological diseases? You will not have frequent interactions if you are a specialized center treating some serious conditions. In medicine, you do not need to count on many likes due to the nature of the sphere. Your business is of interest to the client mainly when he needs to receive medical services.

However, you have the responsibility of expanding coverage. How to do it? This requires good materials that need time and money, and you must invest in advertising. This will help expand the number of those who see your posts and reach out to the end consumer.

Your task is not just to post something on social networks. You need to analyze social networks, see what coverage and interactions the posts have, what kind of presentation of information is better, and what pictures readers responded to better. Your post must be viewed. If there is a link in the text – follow it. If there is a phone number, call.

Use someone else’s content

All information you provide should be interesting and unique. It should be present on your page for some purpose. Posting something just for the sake of making a post is not necessary. 2-3 posts a week are enough, but they must be of high quality.

Using someone else’s content is unacceptable, especially to linking to other people’s sites. Thus, you advertise to others and voluntarily take a potential client from your page to someone else’s resource.

Apply promotional tools without learning them

Social networks have special tools with which you can promote posts and thus get extensive coverage. So, for example, on Facebook, right below the center, there is a “Promote Post” button in a prominent place. But if you go to Facebook Ads, you can use settings that will allow you to target your ads more precisely and make them a little cheaper. The same goes for other social networks.

It’s always worth researching a feature’s capabilities before using it and seeing if there’s a better alternative.

Giving Too Much Advertising

Advertising on social networks should be in reasonable quantities. Constant advertising posts will not give the desired effect. Your page is not a store, and the likelihood that the reader will make a momentary decision to purchase your service or product is low. It is correct to alternate advertising with other content – useful and educational, which will tell people something necessary and interesting.

The classic formula suggests giving 5% of advertising posts of the total volume. But this formula is better to remake for yourself. For example, you can make 2-3 posts and create an advertising post once every two weeks, which will be advertised for two weeks.

Forgetting to put the logo and company name on images

Everyone knows that a beautiful picture is needed to attract attention. But many people fail to put a stamp on the photo and indicate the company’s name. The logo on the image helps to identify your business. With its help, you again remind yourself of yourself and increase brand awareness.

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