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Earrings boost every ensemble. They offer the perfect final touch to your clothing, and matching them to your outfit is vital, but so is matching them to your face shape.

Earrings are a must-have, and accessories are supposed to accentuate your features as well as the color and personality of the clothing.

Here’s how to buy the best silver earrings online for your face shape.

Always consider your face shape when accessorizing. It is claimed that accessories should match your facial form and mask imperfections. We at Silver Star Jewels recommend silver earrings that accentuate your inherent attractiveness over trendy ones. “Be a classic in a world of trends” because an original is worth more than a copy.

To select the best wholesale silver earrings, consider your face shape. Pull your hair back in a ponytail and trace it to identify your facial shape. There are round, square, oval, long/rectangular, diamond, and heart-shaped faces. After analyzing your face shape, browse our silver earrings for you.

A simple style tip: Choose earrings that contrast your face.


As the name implies, your face is round. As a circle, it’s the same length from your nose to your sides. Your face has a small forehead, wide cheekbones, and rounded chin.

Drop, dangle, or chandelier earrings to elongate and thin the face. All long dangling or teardrop earrings flatter your facial shape, slim or long earrings are excellent, and circle earrings like hoops can round out your face.


Like a square, your forehead and jawline are comparable widths, and a wide forehead along your hairline matches your cheeks and chin.

Round earrings are excellent for your facial shape. Large hoops or earrings with smooth, rounded edges will draw attention and soften your face’s severe angles. Large earrings are bad.


Oval faces are like eggs. Your forehead is wider than your chin, and your jawline is well-rounded.

The luckiest women have oval faces. You can fill your jewelry box with our silver earrings. From rounded to long and sleek, you have options. You aren’t limited to one shape of earrings. Women with oval faces are versatile and can wear any silver earrings.


A rectangle-shaped face is narrower but longer. Like square faces, but longer.

Large Studs, Clusters, Hoops, and Small Balis will fill your face. Short, volumized earrings look best on long faces. Volume and details with a short length highlight cheekbones and offer softness. Avoid lengthy or sleek earrings to keep your contour.


Diamond-shaped faces feature a smaller forehead and chin than cheekbones.

Diamond-shaped faces have jawlines, so feminine items give gentleness. Hoops, danglers, or studs with soft edges work well. Avoid lengthy earrings since they accentuate the jaw and chin. Wider than long defines face shape. Combining spherical balls and drops will complement your face.


Your forehead is formed like a heart; it’s wider than your cheekbones and narrows toward your jaw and chin.

Rounded-edged dangling earrings are ideal. A teardrop or chandelier will suit your face, and long or thin earrings will emphasize your chin. Earrings with delicate curves balance the face form and highlight the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline. Wider bottom dangle earrings make a face stand out.

We want to help you find silver earrings for your face shape. Jewelry can emphasize your characteristics, but there are some standards to follow to look your best and showcase YOU.

Now that you know your match peruse our online selection of wholesale sterling silver earrings. They make a great gift, too. Choose from Studs, Danglers, and Hoops to look glamorous.

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