Why is my Snapchat Account Locked?

Snapchat Locked

Has your Snapchat temporarily locked? Quit crying and grumbling. Continue perusing this article prior to attempting to open Snapchat and get back your locked Snapchat account. Prior to making any stride, you know why your Snapchat is locked. read this article cautiously, skip nothing. In any case, your Snapchat record might be forever locked.

Reasons for Locked Snapchat Account – 

Want to know “why did my Snapchat get locked?” Well, here are some valid reasons why it happened. Understanding every possible reason for why your Snapchat account is locked can help you find the right reason for why it is locked.

The main reasons for locked Snapchat account are as follows – 

  • Third-party or unauthorized apps
  • Suspicious activities
  • Spamming and abuse
  • Unusual login attempt or unknown location 

Ways to Fix Snapchat Locked Issue for the users – 

If you are here to know how you can go for Snapchat unlock then you have landed at the right place as in this blog we are going to tell you ways to fix it also. But before ways to fix it, the users need to see what actually causes this problem. 

Way 1 – Avoid Getting Blocked

The first and foremost thing a user needs to do is to prevent themselves and their account from getting blocked. The users can do this very easily as the only thing they need to do is to avoid doing any of the things which will lead their account to get blocked. 

Way 2 – Doing Phone Number and Email Verification

If the Snapchat account the users are using is not verified then they are supposed to verify it and confirm that it is a real account and not a fake one Snapchat. And for this purpose; the users need to go for the phone and email verification which will prove their identity to Snapchat. 

Way 3 – Adhering to Terms and Guidelines of the Snapchat Community

Since the users are using the platform they need to abide by the rules and regulations which the platform has set for the users and the users need to do this so that they can go for Snapchat com unlock. And if in case, the users are not adhering to the rules then they will have to deal with a locked account on Snapchat. 

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