How to Design Custom Shipping Boxes?

If you’re ready to customize your shipping boxes, here are some tips to make the process seamless and easy. Whether you’re shipping a gift to a loved one, or shipping business-critical documents, custom boxes can make a big difference. Here are some tips on how to find the best box manufacturer. Once you have decided on a custom shipping company, you can begin the design process. It may be helpful to have a rough idea of what type of custom box you’d like.

When designing your custom shipping boxes, consider the overall design of the package, especially the box’s interior. For example, if you are selling a book, you might want to place key elements of your brand on the outside of the box. If you are planning to print on the inside, make sure you have confirmed the printing specs with your print partner. Print experts can guide you through the technical details of the design. Once you’ve made the final decision, contact the supplier and order your custom shipping boxes.

Once you’ve chosen the box’s design and selected a material, you can begin the printing process. Boxes for Business offers the most extensive selection of boxes in the industry and boasts one of the quickest lead times in the industry. Your artwork will be approved within 15-20 business days and you’ll be able to receive your custom-made boxes the next business day. The lead time for custom-made boxes varies by type, quantity, and material.

Best Custom Shipping Boxes:

Offers three types of packaging: mailers, shipping, and product boxes. Their 3-D design studio gives you an idea of how your customized packaging will look like. You can choose as many colors as you want and even get unlimited graphics and prints. Most orders ship within 10 days of placing your order. You can view a preview of your custom shipping boxes before you order. You can even see the cost of the boxes and the time it takes to get them.

The customization of your shipping box is a great way to enhance your brand image and reduce shipping costs. Even small businesses can customize their boxes to increase brand visibility. Using a unique color or printed design can add flair to your packaging while also reducing postage expenses. Moreover, custom boxes allow consumers to easily unbox your products, which in turn will increase sales and brand awareness. Your products and packaging will look beautiful and unique – not just on the surface, but on the inside.

The process of designing custom shipping boxes is an important part of branding your product. These boxes should feature key elements of your brand on the exterior and interior. The design process can be complex, requiring a print expert to walk you through every detail and ensure that your order meets all specifications. After completing the design, the print expert will help you choose the right paper stock, inks, and printing methods for your project. You can also opt for disposable boxes for the convenience of your customers.

If you’re looking to design your custom boxes, you can use online tools like to get a better idea of the price. This company works with over 400 manufacturers and allows you to design and create your boxes online. Then, you can choose the one that offers the best price and shipping time. Once you have chosen the best package, you can easily track the production process and order updates in real-time. For your convenience, they even offer a quote tool that you can use to determine the price of your boxes.

Branded Packaging:

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, custom boxes are also an effective promotional tool. If your brand is already recognizable, branded packaging is an easy way to advertise. Moreover, a unique and beautiful package can make your customers itch to open the package right away. A thoughtfully-designed box will make them feel a part of your brand and add to their excitement when they receive it. You can increase your brand’s visibility organically and attract more customers.

In addition to aesthetics, custom packaging will boost your brand identity. Your company’s packaging speaks volumes about your brand, and your customers will transfer these feelings to your product. Thus, a poor-quality packaging will affect your brand. And when a consumer finds the packaging too plain or not well-designed, it will reflect that negative view. It is therefore imperative to ensure that your packaging is as appealing as possible to attract customers. So, why not invest in custom shipping boxes and enjoy a competitive edge in the industry?

Custom shipping boxes are great for online retail businesses and will protect your products during transport. Custom shipping boxes look great and are designed to be unique to your business. They also can increase brand visibility. You can create your own design or use a stock design for a more personalized look. These boxes can be produced within two to five business days and are inexpensive. If you need more boxes, you can even request a free mockup to see what your finished product will look like.

Cardboard Material:

When designing your box, there are several factors that you need to consider, including the type of cardboard material and the printing specifications. The material you choose to use will affect the color vibrancy and the precision of the print. If you want to print dark colors or a natural brown background, choose Kraft. If you want a full color range, use Essential White. For a more premium look and quality, choose Magic White. Once you have selected the material, you can cover the shipping box with any design you like.

If you have a large order, custom boxes can be made of paper and cardstock. For a higher level of branding, consider using a third-party logistics provider. They have multiple locations and can scale quickly to meet your needs. When shipping large volumes of product, you can avoid higher parcel carrier costs and enjoy fast, efficient delivery. Custom shipping boxes are a great way to create memorable brand experiences. It’s important to remember that a custom-made box is an investment and that it’s a good investment.

While stock-sized boxes are an economical option, they aren’t ideal for your business. These boxes are generic and mass-produced and often don’t fit your products. The wrong box can cause damage during transit. If you don’t have a clear idea of the dimensions of your products, you should use custom boxes instead. It’s the safest way to go. However, if you have a limited budget, stock boxes will be the best option.

Relationships With Customers:

Depending on the nature of your business, custom shipping boxes may be more effective than stock boxes. A company that specializes in e-commerce will need to brand itself and stand out online. After all, the transaction is not complete until the customer receives their package. Using custom boxes gives you a second chance to make sales and foster long-term relationships with customers. Here are some reasons to use custom boxes for your business. Continue reading for more information.

Corrugated pads are a great option for boxes containing printed products. They can provide additional rigidity to reduce the risk of bending during transit. Scored pads can also separate two or more products and increase their visibility and attention. They’re perfect for transporting plants or bottles. Shipping custom boxes is a great way to brand your business while increasing sales and customer loyalty. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to differentiate yourself from the competition, consider using a corrugated pad.

While choosing a design for custom shipping boxes, make sure that you choose a firm that understands the importance of your brand image. After all, your customers choose your products. So, a company that reflects their brand image in a custom box will appeal to customers in a way no other packaging can. Once your customers see your logo and product, they’ll be more likely to remember you in the future. Whether it’s a company logo or an attractive brand image, shipping custom boxes will make your business stand out from the competition.

Professional Custom Labels:

Whether you’re sending a product that is fragile or bulky, you can easily brand your shipping boxes with professional packaging boxes. Choose from gloss or matte finishes. Many labels can be die-cut to fit the design of your box. These labels can also include your company’s logo or details about the product inside. You can even include a full-color image of the product inside of the box, if desired. The options are endless!


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