How Is Digital Signage Good for Your Business?

Digital signage is a sort of electronic billboard advertising and brand promotion that uses high-definition visual content to inform customers and increase sales. Professionals in Australia estimate that by 2020, this sort of advertising will have grown into a $20 billion business.

A competitive advantage may be gained through digital signage in Australia because it can provide timely and detailed information such as announcements, schedules, emergency alerts, and product descriptions. Here are five ways digital signage may help you grow your business in an era when consumers are less receptive to print marketing, and the price of new customers keeps rising.

Higher Rates of Remembering and Keeping Information

Four hundred per cent more people will see digital ads than static ones. They can attract more viewers and have a better recall rate (83%) than more conventional forms of media. With eight out of ten people approaching a business just because of a sign, increased foot traffic and new clients are practically assured. In service-intensive industries, including banking, healthcare, and retail, using time-in-line updating monitors has decreased the perceived wait time, improving operational efficiency and client retention. Customers in Australia will be happier and more inclined to return, which can boost sales at existing locations.

Increase in Profits

As much as sixty per cent of a shopper’s purchase decision is made at the point of sale, and a mix of persuasive text, graphics, and videos may significantly impact sales. In addition, digital signage displays may boost sales by as much as 33% for as many as 80% of firms. Digital signage, or visual communications as it’s sometimes referred to, is advantageous because it allows businesses to quickly modify and roll out exciting content when and where it’s most effective, providing a more immersive experience for customers and boosting upsell cross-sell and impulse buy opportunities. Digital signage ad metrics like market share, ROI, and consumer engagement may be monitored and analysed.


Businesses using digital signage software in Australia save money on printed goods like brochures, menu boards, conventional billboards, and giant posters because these are no longer necessary, thanks to the advent of digital signage displays. Business owners may save money and time with digital signage since it eliminates the need for physical storage space for promotional materials. The money saved on printing and materials may be redirected to creating more engaging content and eye-catching visuals.

Simple to Setup and Use

Quickly adapt your ads to the shifting preferences of your audience with only a few mouse clicks. Minutes can be spent sending the design to other locations and deploying it there. Using an intuitive interface, platforms like FWI Cloud make it simple to make, distribute, and maintain new and old content.

Networking in the Digital Age

Among the many advantages of digital signage in Australia is the ability of technology to collect material from social networking platforms, show RSS feeds, and update customers on the weather conditions in their areas simultaneously with product and service promotions. Product and service films can be streamed on digital billboards to boost overarching brand messaging. This innovation opens a new channel for gathering client input and fostering customer interaction. Customers in Australia may provide rapid feedback via digital signage, which is helpful in gathering information on products and services and learning about them from customers who have used them. Social media promotion and trust building go hand in hand, especially considering that 92% of customers place more faith in the recommendations of their friends and family than in advertisements they see online or in print.

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