Find the Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Set the High Score For Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers was launched in 2012. Since then the game has become very popular among smartphone users who want to play one or two fast games in their free time to clear their minds from stressful work or just before bedtime.

In this game, your race races on world train tracks, depending on the country selected for the most recent updates. While working, the man or woman has to collect coins and secret containers, even at the same time seeking to beat the high points set via you in the past or by means of your Facebook pals if making a decision to hyperlink your account. With cash, you can unlock new characters and upgrade upgrades.

It’s a fun game, subway surfers online game online as it allows you to take a little look at the culture of the country by just running on a railroad track. However, keep in mind that if you do not lose your feet, the anxious inspector and his dog will catch you and catch you, thus ending the run.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you easily set high scores in this game.

Two are better than one

While playing this game I noticed that most players use one finger to swipe throughout the game. However, that is not the most effective way to play the game. If you are in it to get high scores, your Facebook friends wish to beat, then I recommend using two hands to play. This will allow you to easily swipe to any direction and pay attention to the game, without interruption.

Run on the trains

The best option is to use trains rather than underground. As sitting down increases your chances of being hit by obstacles or a fast train. So if you have to get off the road get your first chance on the train. By sitting on top of trains, you learn the trick to jump and swipe to change trains.

Keep running after hitting

Hoverboards are an important part of the game which is why the name Subway Surfers. Using an overboard will allow you to increase your running even if you fall into an obstacle. Our tip is here to keep your sea meter updated for emergencies, and when you feel like hitting an obstacle or a fast train, use it immediately. This will break your overboard, but at the same time allow you to continue the game.

Precious your keys

The game allows you to update the character with the help of keys while working. However, using the buttons too many times during the run will make you run out, and when you need a key you won’t have it. If you are careful every time you update your character with the use of keys in sequence it becomes more expensive which makes you shuffle out of your keys very quickly. I would recommend that you do not use your buttons at a quick time and only take them out when you really need them at the peak point.

Final Thoughts:-

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