Essential Shoe Styles For Men With Servis

Most people think that when it comes to shoe styles for men, there are limited options. That may have been true in the past but now things have changed. As fashion has evolved over time, the men’s shoe industry has rapidly evolved as well. However, there are certain shoe styles that are classics and always look good. These are essential for every man’s wardrobe collection. And the good news is that Servis has brought you an independence day sale. That means this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on those essential shoe styles. But what exactly are those styles? Good question. Following is the list of some classic shoe styles for men:

The Ever Reliable – Loafer Shoes

The Loafer shoe style is classy and elegant. These are ideal as formal shoes for men and can easily be worn to meetings, formal dinners, and even weddings. This shoe style adds charm to your appearance and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Loafer shoes can be worn with or without socks thanks to the outer rubber sole which is inspired by active style shoes. These shoes usually come in the classic colors of black, brown, or tan. 

Chic Forever – Moccasins 

Moccasins are inspired by the loafer shoe style but they give off a more laid-back and easy-going vibe. These usually have prominent stitching etched on the top and can be considered casual shoes for men. Now you can find various styles of moccasins on sale up to 70% off on the independence sale. So make sure you stock up your shoe collection with this amazing offer.

Dapper Style – Oxford Shoes

The oxford shoes are considered to be one of the most dashing men’s shoe styles. This lace-up dress shoe, first seen in Ireland and Scotland and later named after Oxford University, is distinguished by closed lacing and over-the-vamp shoelace tabs. Many have wingtips (also known as brogue detailing), which is a pointed cap toe that extends out toward the sides of the shoe.  A longwing brogue is a fancier version of the standard oxford shoe.

This shoe style gives off graceful and formal shoe vibes when worn with a 3-piece pantsuit. Wear these shoes with confidence and let your inner charm shine through.

Slip-on Formal Shoewear

Slip-on shoe style is not only limited to sneakers, you can find this design in formal wear as well. This type of footwear, with leather uppers and performance outsoles, can be used for dressing on different types of occasions.

Moreover, this shoe style is known as comfortable shoes for men and can be worn for long hours. The sole of this shoe cushions your feet in a way that even after walking for hours, you won’t feel tired. 

Ethnically Inspired Sandals

These are inspired by traditional kheri-style sandals and given a modern twist. These shoes feel comfortable because of their soft in-lay and rubber soles. Especially during summers, they provide relief by being open style.

Wear these with shalwar suit or jeans shirt, they will look equally good. These are more appropriate for casual events or when you are having a laid-back day. The best part is that you can avail these in men shoes sale at Servis.

Day-To-Day Slippers

Men’s slippers or more commonly known as men’s chappal are essential for every shoe collection. When shopping for a casual slipper, it is important to go for a style that has soft inner soles and a wide top to grip your feet while walking. If the straps are thin, then you will feel uncomfortable and conscious while walking.

The flexible medium-density midsoles of these slippers are lightweight styles for men to absorb shock and reduce stress on the feet and ankles. It usually comes with motion-control footbeds and deep heel cups that help to stabilize and align your feet. Servis is offering these men’s chappals in independent sale in a variety of handsome-straightforward silhouettes and colors.

Occasion Appropriate Shoes For You!

So there you have a guide style to various types of shoe designs for different occasions. Whether it’s a day at the office, a formal meeting, or a handout with friends, you can wear one of these designs to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The exciting news is that you can find all these shoes and many more designs in a wide range of colors and textures in the independence sale on Servis.  Servis is doing an outstanding job. It stands for quality, style, and comfort. For many years, they have been producing formal and chic shoe designs for men. Their superior quality shoes at an affordable price point are the reason they are way ahead of the competition. Purchase your preferred footwear before supplies run out. Have fun shopping!

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