Does Microsoft Teams Worth Trying

Despite the fact that we now have a wide range of excellent teaching aids. They are scattered across the classroom: There is a text conversation. An email exchange, and a file sent to us via Facebook messenger all at once. Many websites, apps, and notifications can be open at the same time in multiple locations.

And we’ve grown accustomed to it, to some extent. It’s alright. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could all communicate about school in one place?

Microsoft Teams provides us with a single location where we can collaborate on a wide range of projects. Thanks to a single, integrated platform, students and teachers alike can benefit from a streamlined workflow and more robust collaboration.

Let’s take look what Teams can do for you.



A place where you and your students can communicate online, share files, and even meet in person is Microsoft Teams.




Teachers and students can communicate individually or collectively via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Messages and announcements can be sent to individual students or entire classes at once. It is possible for users to set up private chats with each other.

Teachers can use the Channels feature to create sub-categories within a team for file storage, special projects, or focused topics.

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In addition to Skype, Flipgrid is integrated into the platform. Allowing users to conduct video meetings and participate in video discussions.

There are a variety of uses for OneNote Class Notebooks in the educational setting. Faculty can also use notebooks to collect and curate resources, collaborate on new documents, and exchange professional development materials.


Many of the Chalkup platform’s features, which joined Microsoft earlier this year, are now part of Microsoft’s assignment management tools. Thanks to this new feature, teachers no longer have to leave the Teams environment to manage their assignments.


Teachers can use the Assignments tools to:

Involve yourself in the creation, collection, and evaluation of assignments.

Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, and OneNote are built into the platform. So that you can create and assign students to create with these tools.

Using rubrics to evaluate student work can be done in a number of ways. The rubric builder allows users to add written feedback. And later adjust a score, and it is completely customizable.



One of my favorite features in Teams is that. You can use some of today’s most widely used educational apps right inside the platform. These include Kahoot!, Nearpod and Quizlet. To make it easier to access a specific app that they frequently use. You can create a dedicated tab in a channel for it.



There is no need to buy then install any new software. To use Microsoft Teams, as it is all hosted in the cloud. Teachers and students who subscribe to Office 365 Education. Get all of this for free (which is also available for free).

Additionally, you can use Teams while traveling. Your classroom can be accessed from any location with an help of an iOS or Android app.


Incorporating everything you need into a single platform eliminates the need for multiple sign-ins. And switching back and forth between different apps, which frees up time and effort. As a result, the time and energy needed to fully utilize these tools are freed up.

It’s much easier to collaborate with a colleague down the hall. When you can call them up for a quick video call.

The more collaborative projects you assign. And the better you can track their progress. The more confident you can be in their. Ability to work together seamlessly.

Introverts have an equal opportunity to participate in discussions. If everyone is trained on a platform where each person can participate.

One advantage of having a centre location for professional learning and collaboration is. That it can reduce the number of time-consuming meetings.


When you first see what Microsoft Teams has to offer, it can be a bit intimidating.

A new platform can be intimidating, especially. When you’re already running a lot of other systems on different platforms.

Here’s what I’d recommend. Microsoft Teams can be used to manage a single project. Volunteers may be needed for an event. A short-term committee of teachers, or even a teacher book study. Have a clear end goal in brain, and make sure. Everyone involved is committed to seeing it through.

Think of it as an educational experience. As you get used to the new system and adapt to it. To better understand how Teams can be applied in other areas. We recommend that you use it on a single project first.

There’s more to come.


My admiration for Microsoft’s innovations has grown over the past year. As I’ve learned more about the company’s latest offerings. Microsoft is devoting a huge amount of time, energy. And brainpower to creating new tools. And resources for schools, from their accessibility features to their STEM. Resources to the incredible power of Teams. I’m eagerly anticipating their next move.

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