Best Online Places to Get Financial Help

It makes sense to start looking more seriously about how you handle your money when there is financial instability, like there is now due to the present economic crisis. Where before you may well have been financially secure, you may now be second-guessing your future and your ability to save money for unforeseen situations.

Sometimes it helps to seek support so you can achieve your goals, whether you’re just discovering how to plan, starting to accumulate funds for an emergency fund, or trying to build a plan to pay off your debt. Fortunately, there are online for free forums and platforms created for people in all different kinds of financial situations. Through social media sites and the internet, it is simple to locate, follow, and/or join these groups and sites. The best site for you to find financial help is a site which helps you find high paying jobs near your area. Be it Full time jobs or part time jobs you can get help online at platform.

These tools are not intended to replace qualified financial assistance. Before making any significant financial decisions, it is a good idea to speak with a licensed financial advisor.

  1. Reddit

Reddit features a subreddit (forum) for almost every financial topic, whether you’re seeking for broad personal finance guidance or just want to talk to other investors. Here are a few examples:

  • Subreddit for credit cards
  • Subreddit Credit
  • Subreddit for credit repair
  • Subreddit for personal finance
  • Subreddit for Poverty Finance
  • Subreddit for investing
  • Subreddit for Financial Independence
  • affordable reddit


  1. Money Common Cents

This 82,000-member club offers all the assistance and information you require if you wish to unravel the secrets of credit score and credit cards. The Financial Common Cents, Group on facebook is the ideal place for people who want to raise their credit ratings, pay off debt, and get back on track to start saving. It’s a supportive atmosphere that will help you accomplish your objectives.

  1. Bravely

A group called Bravely provides self-identified women with the resources they need to close the gap between their aspirations and their actual circumstances. In addition to going far beyond what the typical student learns in Econ 101, the company’s founder and economic feminist Kara Perez frequently holds free money conversations on the company’s Instagram stories. Perez demystifies what she refers to as “feminist economics” and broadens the scope of personal finance by relating issues like the gender and racial income disparity to what people can do to renegotiate their pay or start accumulating wealth. Numerous free materials are available on the Bravely website, including a budgeting manual that teaches you how to match your spending to your principles.

  1. The forum for Bogleheads

Many investment fans, especially some who post and discuss on the bogle heads site, go by the moniker “Bogle heads,” which honors John Bogle, the founder and investor of Vanguard. This site, like Reddit, has a wide range of topics with investing as the focus. This is a one-stop store to get you interested about the share market if you want to observe experienced investors in action or locate people with similar levels of experience.

  1. Your Life and Your Wallet

NPR’s online community for anyone looking to start saving or make wiser financial decisions is the Your Money and Your Life Facebook page. This group complements NPR’s “Your Money and Your Living” series and gives readers a forum to talk on how money interacts with politics, current affairs, the news, daily life, and other topics. Members converse with approximately 54,000 other money enthusiasts about a variety of financial issues, including automobile purchases, retirement planning, family planning, and career changes. Emergencies don’t arrive before notice. So, Payday TX is another source which helps you with financial emergency.

So, these are 5 online spots where you can get financial help.

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