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5 Best Dentists in Lahore for Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing tooth responsiveness or sharp tooth torment, you should look at our rundown of the top 10 dental specialists in Lahore. In this article, we have assembled the rundown of the best ten dental specialists for root channel treatment in Lahore.

Oral wellbeing is essentially as significant as mental or actual well-being. The main things you see while you talk are your teeth and appearance. Cosmetically, yet additionally, wellbeing-wise, it is truly essential to keep up with excellent oral wellbeing. All oral wellbeing or dentistry issues need clinical consideration and to be managed exclusively by a certified dental specialist, or they might bring about diseases and fiascos.

Teeth arrangement, shrewdness, tooth agony, depression, and terrible smell are a few ordinarily seen issues in dental offices. A few perplexing methods like supports, root waterways, and inserts are liked to be done exclusively by senior and experienced dental specialists.

The root waterway is a regularly done methodology and can bring about the horrible disease on the off chance that not performed by an accomplished dental specialist. We are sharing the rundown of the top 5 dental specialists in Lahore for root channel Treatments on their capability, experience, and patient criticism and surveys.

Dr Syed Mannan Azhar

Dr Syed Mannan Azhar is one more popular name that came to the rundown of the Top 10 dental specialists in Lahore. Syed Mannan Azhar is the CEO at Dr Mannan’s 32 Dental Implant and is an alum of CMH Lahore. He additionally holds a certificate in C-Implants and C-Artho from PAAD. He has the insight of 4 years in dentistry. Yet, with his modest and proficient qualities, he got a tremendous appreciation and acknowledgement among his patients in a minimal capacity to focus time. He is presently rehearsing at his facility named Dr Mannan’s 32 Dental Implant, situated at Model Town and having a sub-branch at Defense Road. He has mastery in the Root channel, supports, and modern dentistry with a 100 per cent satisfaction rate among his patients.

Dr Hira Nayab

Dr Hira Nayab is an expert in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. Her speciality manages the treatment of rotted, twisted, stained, non-stylish, or broken teeth alongside the treatment of periapical illnesses, aroused dental mash, and agony on the board of the tooth alongside the root channel. She is an alum of the University of Health Sciences Lahore and has five years of involvement in dentistry. She presently rehearses at MEDIC Clinic and Pharmacy, Johar town Lahore.

Dr Ahsen Javid

Dr Ahsan Javid is extremely expert, well disposed of, and excited about his work. Has over 16 years of involvement with dentistry and, at present, rehearsing at De Dentist dental facility. He is an alum of the University of Health Sciences and holds a certificate in Anesthesia from a similar college. He has a specialization in Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Implantology, and Orthodontics.

Dr Naveed Anwar

Dr Naveed Anwar is a dental specialist with north than ten years of involvement. Presently rehearses at Dental Sense Clinic and is an alum of the University of Health Sciences. He is a well-being lover and believes in the available assistance through his capabilities. He holds specialization in Root Canal, Teeth Whitening, Routine Tooth Extractions, and Prosthodontics.

Dr Asifa Iqbal

Dr Asifa Iqbal is from 1998 from de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. Holds various gold and silver decorations. She has a highly modest disposition towards her patients. She is a flexible specialist, and she has been perturbed about her patient’s well-being and issues. Has about 20 years of involvement in dentistry and is exceptionally valued and suggested by her patients.


It finishes the rundown of the top best dental surgeon in lahore specialists for treating the root waterway in Lahore. Starting from the root channel is a troublesome and time taking strategy. You should decide on the best dental specialist close to your place. Besides, if you have any side effects like dying, expanding and delicacy of gums or drawn out aversion to the intensity and cold, or staining of teeth, you should visit a dental specialist in Lahore through dental Care. It might be conceivable that you want to finish a root waterway. Try not to postpone the side effects as it can bring about severe disease. Read more

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