10 Useful Tips for Packing Moving Boxes

Moving is one of the most stressful events. Yet we move an average of 7 times in our lives. It’s a chore, but these 10 packing tips will make it much easier.

Tip 1: Start packing on time

A good start is half the battle, and you can’t start early enough! Pack the things you don’t need for the time being. Think of Christmas, summer or winter clothing, camping, and things like that. Pack things that you use every day.

Tip 2: Put moving boxes in every room

Be systematic: put moving boxes in every room and pack your belongings. Leave the packed boxes there, so loading and unloading will be much easier later.

Tip 3: Stick labels on each box

Make sure each box is labeled or labeled on multiple sides. Clearly, state where the box should go and preferably what it contains. This will make it easier for you to unpack later.

Tip 4: Pack fragile items well

If you have fragile items, pack them well with bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Mention on the box that it contains breakable items. This allows the mover to be extra careful. You can write it on the label or put a warning sticker on it.

Tip 5: Don’t overfill the boxes

Large moving boxes have a capacity of 60 liters, so they can carry a lot of weight. This prevents the bottom from giving way when overloaded. However, please don’t make the box too heavy because you still want to be able to lift it!

Tip 6: Distribute the weight well

When packing the moving boxes, ensure you distribute the weight well. For example, to prevent you from making moving boxes too heavy with books, you can fill them with things that weigh less. For example, towels, tea towels, or pillows. Padding the boxes also prevents them from collapsing when you stack them.

Tip 7: Close the boxes well

Assemble the boxes properly and seal them well. If you have not packed them too full, you can do this by hooking the flaps together. You can always close them with tape if you have loaded them too full.

Tip 8: Use original packaging

Are the original boxes of your equipment still in the attic? They come in handy now! Pack your valuable electronics in their original packaging as much as possible. If you don’t have these, use bubble wrap and tape. Pack chargers, cords, and accessories with the device itself as much as possible. Then you won’t lose them, and you can connect them immediately when you unpack them.

Tip 9: Clean up immediately

A move is perfect for tidying up. You can sell, give away or throw away things you no longer need. That way, you don’t have to lug it around anymore, and you might even earn a nice penny! Moving is already expensive enough.

Tip 10: Pack a suitcase (or box)

You can easily pack things that you need on or after the moving day in a suitcase. This way, you can immediately find the most important items if you have not yet unpacked all the boxes. A box is, of course, also possible. Just make sure you recognize him clearly????.

Furthermore, If you want to keep your food cool and fresh, you should pack any perishables that need to be refrigerated in a chilled packaging box containing an ice pack.

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